5 Reasons Why Real-Time Quizzes Are Getting Popular For HR Training

Ruhi Rai
Quiz Show
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3 min readMay 25, 2019

In today’s fast-paced digital world, training and development of employees has become a necessity. If a business wants to grow, it is important that every employee grows with it. Training enables employees to acquire and polish skills to increase productivity.

The issue of improving employee careers and transforming corporate learning emerged as the second most important trend in Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends, 2017 survey.

To generate great ROI, choosing the right method for training is important. 21st century workforce training demands the program to be interactive, effective and fun — all at the same time.

Quiz Show can help with that. Quiz Show is a real-time performance tracking quizzing platform that helps HR professionals train workforce in an inclusive and engaging way. Read below to know what makes it the go-to tool for training and development -

Cost-effective: Training can become expensive and inconvenient, especially with employees spread across multiple cities. With Quiz Show, one doesn’t have to gather the team in one place — it can be played on any device from any location, with similar level of engagement.

Create quizzes in 10 minutes. No coding skills required.

Time-saving: It is super quick to set up quizzes with Quiz Show, helping businesses eliminate time spent on preparing or conducting training programs. Uploading multiple choice questions with answers on a spreadsheet is all it takes!

Quizzes are an immersive format for training with high retention.

Engaging: Real-time quizzes make learning co-exist with fun. Employees are completely engaged in this interactive format. Frequent and regular quizzes generate a sense of excitement leading to higher recall and retention of information.

Result-Driven: Access to detailed player-wise and question-wise statistics right after the quiz can help in identifying, evaluating and addressing knowledge gaps. Conducting quizzes before and after a training program allows trainers to assess the effectiveness of the program.

Detailed statistics after quiz help in identifying and addressing knowledge gaps.

Instant Gratification: Instant and transparent results immediately after the quiz develops a healthy and competitive culture. Furthermore, offering personalised attention by addressing knowledge gaps helps uplift employees’ spirit.

Boost employee morale with quick and fair results.

Gamify learning. Maximise retention. Boost morale.

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