Case Study: How Quiz Show helps Sulekha train employees across multiple cities through performance-tracked live quizzes

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3 min readApr 22, 2019



The HR team from Sulekha’s headquarters in Chennai needed help in training its sales force — especially new recruits. However, their team of 400+ employees were located in multiple cities, making it difficult to address the following pain points:

1) Getting all employees together at one time — It was too expensive and inconvenient to gather all employees in one location.

2) Identifying knowledge gaps — Due to limited 1:1 interaction, it was challenging to keep track of employee knowledge and performance.

3) Keeping employees engaged remotely — It was difficult to do engaging training sessions with employees remotely as all available methods were passive.

Sulekha was seeking a solution that would address the above issues and help them train their workforce in a holistic and efficient way.


After hearing about Quiz Show, Sulekha contacted us with their problem statement. They were initially skeptical about how effective real-time quizzes would be for training their sales team. However, once Sulekha’s management team tried a demo quiz, they jumped on board instantly. Everyone was pleased with the ease-of-use for trainers and the smooth experience for the trainees. The team decided to incorporate live quizzes in their nationwide training model for the sales team. Apart from sharing new knowledge and identifying knowledge gaps, Sulekha also uses Quiz Show to assess the effectiveness of their training sessions by hosting a quiz before and after the session.

Driving Home Results

After hosting a few quizzes, the HR team at Sulekha made the following observations:

1) Gradual improvement in employee performance — With concentrated material using the quiz format, the employees were able to better grasp and retain the information.

2) Eagerness amongst the employees to take more quizzes — Instant and transparent results immediately after the quiz developed a healthy competitive culture and got the employees excited for upcoming quizzes.

3) Boost in employee morale — The HR team was able to see individual employee performance after every quiz and was able to give personalized attention to the ones who needed it. Additionally, the employees appreciated the management’s efforts in organising frequent training sessions across cities.

Exceeding Expectations

Quiz Show solved the 3 initial pain points for Sulekha — they were now able to connect with all their 400+ employees remotely, identify and address knowledge gaps, and create an engaging experience for their team. It was a lot faster to organise training sessions with access to better statistics on employee performance.

Sulekha requested for two customisations -

1) Player-Wise Report — Sulekha’s HR team could track how successful the training sessions were with instant access to question-wise statistics. But they also wanted to track each employee’s performance. Addressing this need, we incorporated player-wise statistics which helped the trainers organise personalised training sessions for their team.

2) Custom Domain Login — Sulekha wanted a custom domain login for their users.

Reinforce Through More

Delighted with the positive feedback on Quiz Show, the fun element it exudes, and the increased efficiency of employees, Sulekha has gone ahead and integrated real-time quizzes as a part of their training model for other departments in the company.

“Bringing this live quiz platform has really helped us build a culture where people enjoy taking tests. The features of the app are very user-friendly and it gets addictive. In fact, people enjoy taking these quizzes — they actually wait for it! It creates a sense of healthy competition between them, for which they get rewards and get recognition in the organisation.”~ Honey D.

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This article is co-written by Puja Agarwal and Amanda Sodhi.