Unsolved Quiztime Riddles

Ships, shoes and an occasional sea

Since early 2017 there are daily quizzes that are being posted on Twitter. Not all of them are completely solved, and some have no answer at all. Some are posted by us and have a clear answer, others are spontaneous retweets by the Quiztime community members to help others that are seeking an answer. So if you feel a bit bored, or maybe feel like training your verification skills that little bit more, take a stab at these quizzes!

2017–07–12: A post on a mountain, during Tilman’s hike

Update: Solved on December 9 2018

2017–07–26: Location of the concert is known, but what was the first act?

2017–09–21: The shoes of Philipp Jessen

2018–02–23: German police at Lidl

2018–03–28: Office2000 at a store by Rickey Gevers

2018–03–30: Square clouds

2018–04–01: View from airplane with a lot of ships

Note: The mentioned #SaturdayQuiz about the “First Draft News” domain was solved later that day and became more difficult to solve after the GDPR came into effect.

2018–04–15: Four second movie of stadiums (not a serious quiz, but still!)

2018–04–29: Quiz from The Guardian

2018–07–03: A WWI Memorial

And one older tweet about this with a bigger thread:

2018–07–20: A quest quiz by MCantow

2018–08–03: Container Tracking

Followed later on by the following tweet:

2018–08–21: Persian Guest Asking About the Resort

2018–08–22: Tilman’s Traffic

2018–10–12: Police Postings

That’s it for now! I will delete quizzes once they are solved, after which some of these might even make their way into the section here at Quiztime where we do some write-ups about them. Good luck on your searches!