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Why Choose Qume?

The crypto derivatives market has seen a boom in recent years with multiple incumbents reporting multi-billion dollar daily trading volumes. With all this excitement, it seems like there’s a new exchange launching every day.

So we know what you’re thinking… NOT ANOTHER CRYPTO DERIVATIVES EXCHANGE!!!

And you’d be absolutely right. Qume is NOT just another crypto derivatives exchange. We are the first exchange to truly bring wall street level sophistication to the worldwide crypto derivatives markets.

We stand out from the competition in several important ways:

Speed & Network Reliability: One of the biggest problems with current exchanges is that they weren’t built to handle the current demand, let alone future demand during the next bull run. And despite how much money some of these platforms make they are unable to upgrade their systems so users are constantly getting rekt and their orders are being liquidated.

To be fair, the reason they don’t upgrade isn’t for lack of trying. The fact is simply that is a difficult technical problem to solve. In fact our tech team (mostly from MIT) has been working day and night for over a year, and the results speak for themselves.

We are more than ONE HUNDRED TIMES FASTER than the leading competitor. Qume can handle 100K transactions per second per contract all the while maintaining stable API’s with sub millisecond latencies.

Regulatory Clarity: A big fear many have with exchanges is regulatory uncertainty. Between the recent FAFT ruling requiring reporting from all global exchanges and US regulators actively investigating BITMEX, investors and traders don’t know if their funds are safe.

We were invited by the crypto-friendly government of Bahrain to work within their regulatory sandbox. So with Qume, you know you’re above board legally. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about regulated entities front running their own books the way some accuse non regulated exchanges of behaving.

Fiat Rails & True Futures: Whereas competitors only offer inverse futures, forcing you to be exposed to the risk of holding the underlying assets, our regulatory clarity allows us to accept fiat and offer true futures where there is no risk of holding the underlying assests.

Unique Contracts: In addition to perpetual contracts, we are planning to offer futures, options, basis swaps, and more. Stay tuned for some of these unique contracts.

True Pricing: All the derivative exchanges currently use an average of a number of spot exchanges to calculate a reference price to base their swap price on. This methodology exposes the exchange to weaknesses in the other exchanges because any issues there will cause the reference price to move sharply. This can lead to auto liquidation on the derivatives exchange as we have seen happen many times during high volatility periods.

To avoid this attack vector we have been very thoughtful and in order to calculate a real price we consolidate the best bid and offer across 12 exchanges for a specific liquidity size. This automatically removes faulty pricing as the best volume weighted real prices are used.

Liquidity from Day One: Thanks to the background of the team in both traditional finance and cryptocurrency we’ve been able to onboard some of the largest market makers in the industry, so expect loads of liquidity from day 1.

Trusted Team with a Strong Track Record: ZPX, the company behind Qume, has previously launched multiple successful projects in the space including 108 Token (an ERC-20 index token), Fordex (the decentralized exchange), De/Centralize 2018 (a large crypto conference in Singapore), & SatoshiandCo (the award winning crypto newsletter with over 90k subscribers).

In addition to the team of MIT developers we have also brought in Wall Street veteran Shreyas Chari, an experienced derivatives trader and products specialist of 20 years with significant experience in managing global portfolio risk across multiple market regimes, to head product and risk.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for early access at Qume.io and get your first month of trading for FREE!



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