Quick tip. How to change Laravel user password from command line.

When you search google on how to change / reset user password most tips includes changing this from the database. Yet there is imho better way that use Laravels Tinker

Laravel REPL
All Laravel applications include Tinker, a REPL powered by the PsySH package. Tinker allows you to interact with your entire Laravel application on the command line, including the Eloquent ORM, jobs, events, and more. To enter the Tinker environment, run the tinker Artisan command:

Chaning password (or any other Model data)

Launch the console from main folder with

php artisan tinker

After that you enters Laravels console — all commands from now are interpreted as php code. So to change user@example.com password you would just run.

$user = App\User::where('email', 'user@example.com')->first();
$user->password = Hash::make('password');

That’s it. Password changed.