The Lakers Avoided Disaster in the Draft Lottery

Wrote about the Lakers, who are loaded with options now. An excerpt:

Look, it’s a rather obvious takeaway, but by keeping their pick, the Lakers open up a whole lot of options that may not otherwise have been available.
The first of those options is keeping the №2 pick and getting one of the two best players in the draft. The consensus expectation is that the Celtics will take Markelle Fultz or Lonzo Ball at №1, but probably Fultz. The Lakers can just take whichever point guard the Celtics decide to pass on.
Both Fultz and Ball would bring about a shift in their backcourt. D’Angelo Russell, 2015’s №2 overall pick, would move off the ball on a near full-time basis. That’s not exactly what the team envisioned when they took him a couple years ago, but he excelled in that capacity down the stretch of this past season and could rather easily slide into more of a secondary ball-handling role.

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