The Process isn’t over yet for the Philadelphia 76ers

Wrote about the Sixers and The Process, which is still in its beginning phases. An excerpt:

As its base, The Process was really quite a bit more straightforward than the reputation it garnered. Much in the same way former Eagles coach Chip Kelly’s uptempo, spread offense often masked an old-school football desire to simply run the ball right up the middle, so too did Hinkie’s extreme methods mask a desire to do what nearly every league executive agrees paves the surest path to championship contention in the NBA: acquire multiple superstars.
There were obviously mistakes made along the way (refusing to meaningfully engage with the media; drafting Jahlil Okafor over Kristaps Porzingis; treating end-of-bench players as fungible commodities; angering agents, etc.) and there are obviously several mitigating factors here (injuries, etc.). But heading into the 2017–18 season, it’s difficult to argue that the specific objective of superstar acquisition — or, at least, potential-superstar acquisition — hasn’t been achieved.

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