With Phil Jackson Out, Carmelo Anthony Still Undefeated Versus Knicks Rivals

Carmelo Anthony has never lost a Madison Square Garden power struggle. An excerpt:

And now, finally, Anthony has defeated the great Phil Jackson. Jackson had his media minions take shots at Carmelo all year. He called Anthony a ball-stopper during an interview with CBS. He antagonized Melo’s best friend, LeBron James, who just happens to be the best player in the world, by calling his business partners a “posse.” He openly begged for Anthony to waive his no-trade clause and tried to paint Melo as the bad guy in the situation, even though Jackson had given him the no-trade clause in the first place during his first summer on the job.
In the end, it all just hardened Melo’s resolve. He was not going anywhere, and he was not going to lose the final Garden power struggle of his Knicks career. Even if Anthony eventually leaves, he leaves having never been beaten. Except on the court, where the Knicks lost a heck of a lot.

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