Key features of the Liquid exchange

Liquid is an all in one crypto platform designed for every type of user. The exchange is packed with a variety of features for traders of all experience levels.

Liquid is the successor to our previous exchanges, Quoinex and Qryptos, with new aspects that make it stand out from the crowd. Here’s a glimpse of what’s on offer now.

Liquid means liquidity

As the name “Liquid” suggests, we strive to provide cryptocurrency markets with much needed liquidity.

The World Book gives our users access to enhanced liquidity, facilitating the matching of different trading pairs under the bonnet. The internal World Book is currently live for fiat pairs with BTC, ETH and BCH.

We will continue to expand the internal World Book. In time, all of the assets on Liquid will be connected and sharing a constant flow of liquidity. Liquid already offers dozens of dozens of cryptocurrencies along with sought after fiat pairings.

The World Book gives tight spreads and deep liquidity and will eventually be used to connect a global network of crypto exchanges.

Go long or short?

Margin trading is an increasingly in-demand feature of crypto exchanges. Liquid offers margin with 2–25x leverage, giving you ample flexibility. Take some time to explore our new margin trading dashboard which has been carefully crafted to enhance the user experience.

On the flipside, we are able to offer our customers Lending. Lend out your fiat or crypto to margin traders and earn daily interest. If you are a hodler, you will love this feature.

The user experience

We built Liquid for our customers. The new user interface was meticulously designed to cater to beginners, while providing advanced features for pros. Liquid is an inclusive platform. We want all our users to feel at home on Liquid, and the user interface is a major step towards this goal.

Safe and secure

If you’ve followed the Liquid journey, you will know that we focus heavily on security. When major crypto exchanges face security issues, it can impact the entire crypto space. This is unacceptable. Liquid has security measures in place to ensure our users’ assets and data are kept safe.

Our Iron Shield protocols prevent malicious individuals from taking over accounts by enforcing cooldowns after account aspects are changed. Beyond this, we also store all funds in cold storage.


Regulation will play a central part in the future of cryptocurrency. There is no avoiding it. The Liquid approach is to embrace regulation. We actively work with regulators and auditors to ensure we are compliant. We are licensed by the Japan Financial Services Agency and audited by Deloitte. We go the extra mile to make sure we are on the right side of the law.

Stress-free token sales

The problems with ICOs are well documented. We have a lot of experience in hosting token sales, including our own QASH ICO which raised more than $105 million last year. We took our knowledge and applied it to our ICO service.

The Liquid ICO platform lets you browse ICOs in the comforting knowledge that they have been thoroughly vetted by our due diligence team. Investing in ICOs is just a few easy clicks away, with a choice of payments in BTC, ETH, QASH, BCH and, soon, fiat.

You only need to register and verify your account once to take part in any of our token sales while for ultimate protection, we are also implementing a softcap mechanism. Settlement occurs on Liquid and an exchange listing completes the ICO journey.

More to come

But this is just the beginning. Liquid will continue to grow with more features added along the way. There’s a great deal to come and we’re excited to show you everything we have been working on.

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