Meet QUOINE’s Token Listing Review Committee

ICOs are fundamentally changing the landscape for early-stage startup investment. At QUOINE, we understand that with this change comes significant growing pain. Token issuers want to avoid costly advisors, pumping and dumping, and exorbitant exchange listing fees. Token buyers want to put their money into legitimate businesses with real chances of success and do this in a convenient, safe and transparent manner.

QUOINE’s ICO Mission Control is an end-to-end solution designed to link high quality token issuers with the right token buyers.

We place a massive emphasis on due diligence, and that is why we have a dedicated Token Listing Review Committee — a group of individuals who review all aspects of incoming ICO projects, including regulation and compliance, soundness of business plan, technical integration, operational support and strength of community.

QUOINE’s Token Evaluation Framework

Rei Tanaka (Chairperson) | Risk & Compliance

  • Overall risk assessment
  • Reputational impact
  • Regulatory precedent​​

Rei is a former partner at PwC New York and has more than 25 years of experience in commercial banking, business transformation and risk management.

Mike Kayamori | Management

  • Strength of team
  • Governance

Mike is the CEO of QUOINE and has over 25 years of experience in business development, venture capital and startups. He worked as Chief Investment Officer at Gung Ho Asia Pacific, Board Director at Bharti Softbank, Senior Vice President at Softbank, and Senior Director at Globespan Capital Partners.

Seth Melamed | Operations & Business Development

  • Signature process
  • Withdrawal and deposit
  • Storage and security

Seth spent 20 years working in capital markets operations including the past 11 years as a Vice President at Goldman Sachs. His focus at GS was on payments, derivatives, and settlements covering Equities Swaps, FX and derivatives. Seth began investing and learning about blockchain in 2014 and when asked how many Bitcoins he has the answer is, “Not enough.”

Mario Gomez Lozada | Technology

  • Technical scalability
  • Integration with LIQUID
  • Smart contract audit

Mario is a serial entrepreneur and expert in trading systems and FICC (fixed income, currencies and commodities). He spent 13 years at Merrill Lynch as Chief Technology Officer of FICC and 3 years at Credit Suisse in the same role.

Katsuya Konno | Finance

  • Financial feasibility

Before joining QUOINE as Chief Financial Officer, Katsuya spent close to eight years at SoftBank where he worked on mergers, acquisitions and investments as well as corporate financing.

Katherine Ng | Marketing

  • Minimum viable product
  • Community review

Katherine is Head of Marketing at QUOINE and has worked as Commercial Director of Sephora Digital SEA, Head of Marketing at GrabTaxi and Commercial Operations Manager at AirAsia.

Chris Drake | Legal

  • Anti-money laundering
  • Know Your Customer
  • Token type and utility

Chris reviews the legal aspects of all incoming projects. As QUOINE’s Senior Legal Adviser, Chris brings extensive experience from his specialist corporate advisory consulting practice and over 30 years working in banking and capital markets at major investment banks in Asia Pacific.

Swee Rong Chow | Corporate Secretary

  • General analysis of ICO projects
  • Partnerships and listings

Swee is a Business Development Manager at QUOINE and oversees partnerships and listings. His expertise is in forging strategic partnerships, evaluating ICO projects and working with senior management to align sales strategies and solutions.

In addition to the Token Listing Review Committee, QUOINE is enhancing its due diligence process by partnering with leading VC and crypto advisory firms who share our vision of establishing best practices in the ICO market. These firms do in-depth research on all incoming projects such as token economics, background checks on teams and evaluating the strength of projects using their own investment frameworks.

We make this information available to our QRYPTOS users because we believe that investors should have access to information that enables them to fully understand the risks and rewards of investing in ICO projects.

We see the potential in the ICO market for accelerating innovation and access to capital, however we recognise that so much work still needs to be done. QUOINE’s ICO Mission Control is paving the way for a more safe, transparent, and ultimately successful ICO market.

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