How can I maintain my study motivation?

The key is consistency — a routine you perform each day as a habit.

We perform habits without much effort — like we’re on autopilot.

Of course, you need to start with a valid “why am I doing this” as the foundation.

The answer should be easy — to get a good job, support yourself and have a good life.

That’s a big WHY.

But, that all by itself doesn’t mean that it’s easy to do the work every day.

That’s where habits come into play.

Habits work best when they are part of an overall routine, not in isolation.

You need things like triggers and rewards.

An ideal routine will consider things like the right time of day, what you eat and drink and anything else that affects your ability to focus.

The optimal conditions should be a 2X more effective use of your study time.

You’ll need to take ownership of a new daily habit routine and make it yours.

Following someone else’s exact routine isn’t likely to fit your needs.

As you develop it, note what is working and what is not working and tweak it until you get to that sweet spot where it’s on autopilot and no longer takes willpower, or at least very little.

That’s been my experience.

I discovered that once a habit was firmly in place, it took more willpower to NOT perform that habit than just doing it.

I created a free 14-Day Challenge that helps people who are serious about creating an optimized habit routine for study or simply dealing with the demands of their job.

It’s a 14 day step-by-step challenge with a lesson in each email.

If you’re curious, check it out.


29 Aug 2017

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