So, what is new?

We truly are sentient beings, in fact, one of the most keenly, and widely noticeable behaviors we have is on new “stuff”. I used the word stuff as it depends on the person, anticipation can be of any kind — event, music, hobby, etc. It goes on. I myself am elated on this new “expansion” to be released next week. I am excited, i am thrilled.

But often enough, there is the “new” that I often have a small distaste. This is where people lose their perspective and just go about with what is new. Technology for one — smart phones, cars, etc. What we have now are expensive models which in some brands, is only driven by price. I will not say which brands. But you know what I mean.

I find it egging to buy these kinds of “innovation” and as I write this article, I was actually given the push after reading the below article.

Can we not lose the individual identity and go back again to the basic needs? Can we reinvent the reason why there are innovations, and replace this “new” norm, find a aspect truly transformed, for the better.

I choose to be authentic, I’d like to consider real/actual needs, not fads. I choose my own hobbies, what is best I waste my time on. I would not want to be driven because of “market” or “corporate” schemes and advertisements. Sorry but you don’t seem to have my happiness on your high priority. Can we get back innovation and trends pointing to real human needs? (Not impossible, really) I think this is the reason most true innovations really soared — Google search, Facebook, and others.

Going back on the individual, we’d like to understand the nature of our needs and how to act rightfully on these — with family and community in mind. We do not want to be restrictive, just practical. Try to be genuine, be it fashion, politics or workplace. Looking at a bigger, truly attainable, and humble life realities. I really believe true and humane people think between these lines.

Have great experiences and a wonderful life. God bless.

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