quoted.news: Special Trump vs. Khan Edition

Excerpts from “Seven Minutes That Shook the Convention” by Michael Kruse for Politico.

“The Clinton campaign offered to put him in contact with a speechwriter. He declined. He knew what he wanted to say… He practiced at home with his family, leaning on 40 years of experience as an attorney… On the day of the speech, he grabbed his worn copy of the Constitution and slipped it in his jacket pocket… ‘It’s my favorite document,’ [Khizr Khan said] … ‘I wanted to use it because I wanted to highlight the protections that immigrants have in this country.’ ” (shares: 68, 15, 1, 75, 5)

Excerpts from “Khizr Khan, Father of Fallen Muslim American Soldier, Rebukes Trump at Convention” by Niraj Chokshi for the New York Times.

“You have sacrificed nothing and no one… Have you even read the United States Constitution? … ‘I don’t want you to be a hero. I want you to return back to me safely,’ [Captain Humayun Khan’s mom said] … ‘But Mother, you should know I have responsibility for these soldiers, and I cannot leave them unprotected,’ [Humayun Khan replied].” (Shares: 41, 4, 2, 2)

“I think I’ve made a lot of sacrifices. I work very, very hard,” Trump said… “Maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say. You tell me.” (shares: 103, 118) from “Donald Trump to Father of Fallen Soldier: ‘I’ve Made a Lot of Sacrifices’” by Steve Turnham for ABC News.

“I’d like to hear his wife say something,” Trump said (1559 shares) from “Trump’s Thunderbolts” by Maureen Dowd for the New York Times.

“I don’t think he knows the meaning of sacrifice,” Ghazala Khan said… “When I was standing there, all America felt my pain. Without saying a single word. Everybody felt that pain” (shares: 994, 344) from “Muslim Family of Fallen Army Captain Responds to Trump: ‘Shame on Him’” by Mary Bruce for ABC News.
“’Unacceptable’ doesn’t even begin to describe it,” said Senator Lindsey Olin Graham (R-SC) (296 shares) from “Donald Trump’s Confrontation With Muslim Soldier’s Parents Emerges as Unexpected Flash Point” by Alexander Burns, Maggie Haberman and Ashley Parker for the New York Times.

“Mitt Romney never would have said this. John McCain never would have said this. George W. Bush never would have… The 2016 election isn’t simply Democrat vs. Republican, but normal vs. abnormal.” (shares: 45, 64) from “Donald Trump’s slander of Captain Humayun Khan’s family is horrifying, even for Trump” by Ezra Klein for Vox.