What’s There More To Life Than Increasing Its Speed?

If you look around, you will see some people are much relaxed and others are running around with high anxiety. The former tend to under respond and latter tend to over respond. Sometimes you think that to keep moving you need to have external problems else you get anxiety that you are wasting your valuable time doing nothing. You feel some sort of pressure that you need more, you need to work hard; and you begin giving more efforts only to keep yourself occupied.

The unexamined life is not worth living — Socrates

To play defensive or for show, some people tend to set up false sense of urgency –this lead them opportunities to show energetic behavior in corporate culture.

Other side of it is similarly true. A corporate leader can understand the necessity to change desperately but people down below are already stretched out with the present developments.

Considering this, caution should be exercised; what is urgent and for whom?

There is a difference between being busy and being productive

Productive people carry priority schedule, to-do list and don’t get side tracked easily while busy people will work on several tasks with no priority and frequently re-calling same material repeatedly

Busy people will keep going on taking more responsibilities without finishing the things they are working on while productive people will pick up merely what they will be prepared to manage and say “no” to what they can’t fit in their calendar.

At the end of the day, busyness will not get the real work done –making you sad and disappointed.

Never confuse activity with productivity

So find time and figure it out why you are so occupied; learn how to get away from the unnecessary mad haste and dive into the power of intuition and peace. In this world of “Too Much”, don’t start doing before thinking and assuming it will all work out well.

Do not get into the trap that busyness is making you feel important. This way you will burn out very easily and this method is not a sustainable work. It is better to learn how to focus and do deep work rather than accomplish something shallow that makes you feel dumb.

If you are working on someone else’s false sense of urgency that can keep you busy all the time but that doesn’t signify you are worthwhile. Only increasing speed and keeping yourself busy won’t take you anywhere; use time mastering tools to make you more efficient and become a lifelong learner to transform your way of life