Digital Is Not Just About Technology, It Is ….

Digital is not just a component of the economy anymore it is becoming the economy

Digital is not just for geeks anymore, everyone must work to make it a success

Digital is not just about adopting technology — it’s about creating a culture of innovation, where exponential outcomes are not just possible but demanded

Digital is not just another channel, but can in fact be a game changer for brands

Digital is not just a matter of rearranging the lines and boxes on your organization chart. It involves fostering a startup way of working, creating new structures and teams, and enhancing the incentives, rules, and decision rights of these roles and teams accordingly.

Digital is not just the new product to offer our customers, it is the means through which we get work done

Digital is not just an addition but the new norm in our lives

Digital is not just in the future, it is the future

Digital is not just mobile or omni-channel. It’s rethinking the relationships between information, people, and processes given new and evolving capabilities

Digital is not just a measured activity but it is something that has an impact on business performance.

Digital is not just outbound experiences — it’s also the ability to deliver increasingly actionable insights.

Digital is not just a part of the marketing mix; it leads the plan

Digital is not just about office automation, what it also means is enhancing customer experience and getting competitive advantage.

Digital is not just about technology. It is a state of mind, and the source of new business models, new consumption patterns, new ways for business and individuals to organize, produce, trade and innovate

Digital is not just about doing a few things differently. It’s about transforming all areas of the business in order to leverage digital tools and capabilities

Digital is not just about technology investments; instead, the most valuable innovations are those focused on increasing internal efficiency and utilizing data that already exists

Digital is not just important when it comes to innovate and its relationships with suppliers, but also “how the country reinvents itself”

Digital is not just a channel: it’s a strategy into itself

Digital is not just the way of the future-it’s the only way for the nation’s disappearing drive-ins to stay in business

Digital is not just a bunch of websites. It’s not the lipstick on the pig. It’s delivering services in an entirely new way, made possible by internet-based architectures.

Digital is not just meant for marketing, it now encompasses all aspects of a business



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