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Forget Compassion, Finding Peace Through VR-based Meditation App Is The New New Thing

Technology has taken over every aspect of our life. Don’t miss the opportunity. Install that app and achieve enlightenment. Compete with your friends. Check your enlightenment score in real-time.

Our attention span has reduced to nothing. We can’t focus on one thing for more than a few minutes. We have temptation to pick up our cell phone for every notification like our survival depends on it.

Since this mobile phone is always in our hands all the time so why can’t it also become our primary source for peace and wisdom. We can’t read poetry because internet memes have taken over and they are super engaging.

Who controls the memes, Controls the universe. — Elon Musk

Peace Has To Sell Itself To You.

You Don’t Worry. Don’t Go After Peace.
Peace Is Coming at Your Door.

Capitalists want your attention more and more and more. The longer you use their apps, the more they get to know about you. Your data is astrally important to them.

For your data they are ready to give all the latest new new brands of peace and wisdom.

Monetization and Gamification of Meditation.

Meditation has gone super viral and mindfulness is taking on cult status.
New technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things are thrown into all apps to create hype.

A perfect yoga posture is more important than learning compassion. That health band on wrist is the reason to go for a casual walk in the park. That counter has to go up.

How to win this game of meditation? How to stay engage? How do you design an app that stimulates the right amount of dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin.
You no longer win to just win, or for you it may be just a simple win.

Peace And Placebo

Peace is not a process, peace is not a concept, and peace is not a destination. Peace is emptying yourself from inside and realize yourself fully.

It is about expanding your inner space beyond what you know about yourself. End of seeking is Peace. Allowing yourself to flow is peace

Branded, gamified, monetized, Virtual Reality based, Augmented Reality based, Altered Reality based peace will just give the illusion of control.

More Systems + More Tools != More Peace

Apps and tools could be good placebos if you are just a starter, and there is no harm in using placebos. It is proven that placebos work. But that’s not the way one should respond to the life long journey of achieving peace. If we want to understand the world better, we need to be more open, more compassionate, and not more tools-dependent.

Achieving Peace Through Not Chasing It Directly

We need to cultivate love, kindness and wisdom. Training our minds for inner stillness won’t teach us compassion. Its an endless loop. I know this may not satisfy many of my readers.

Compassion arises by transforming our relationship with this universe. There is no placebo for that. Only a compassionate and self-realized person can express endless love for all.

You always have a choice.
You can physically learn to relax your body, focus on your breadth or a thought, do some mantra, bring mindfulness, relax your body, control your thoughts, get close to focused mind, unlock your creativity, feel good
or —
You can simply practice compassion and humility in every interaction, in every thought — and you may not chase peace ever.

Future Of Peace

The word “peace” won’t mean “peace” anymore.
It will become a propaganda device to temporarily distract you from aggressions and inner conflicts.

To understand the future of peace, we have to dive a little into the future. Just wait. Someone somewhere is writing a blog titled— How To Achieve A Perfect Enlightenment In Less Than 60 Second?



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