How to Become a Better Learner and Change Your Life?

Learning to learn is a skill you should master and can use it to improve every part of your life.

This course gives you easy access to the invaluable learning techniques used by experts in art, music, literature, math, science, sports, and many other disciplines

How To Become A Better Learner

Physical Exercise and Breaks are by far the most important parts of the learning. This makes your brain prepared and helps in the development of your brain.

It is better to know how to learn than to know

Learning, Planning, Language, these are the skills that make us human. Good judgement takes a long time, and a lot of experience to acquire. Learning should not be left behind in the class room.

Learning to learn is a skill you should master and use it to improve every part of your life.

Dedicate yourself to trying and learning new ideas, task and skills. You don’t need to be aware of everything all the time, but learning new skills faster and better — that itself is a tough skill to master.

Unlocking Your Potential Using Visual Metaphor or Analogy

A metaphor is just a way of realizing that one thing is somehow similar to another.

Metaphors and similar visualization, being able to see something in your mind’s eye, are extremely helpful not only in art and literature, but also in allowing the scientific and engineering world to make progress.

Put yourself into the understanding and learning system. Compare difficult equations with something that you already know. If you have hit a wall and not able to understand a difficult subject use metaphors. Relate the concept to some stories you know from old time.

This way metaphors also help glue an idea into your mind. They make a connection to neural structures that are already there. It’s like being able to trace a pattern with tracing paper.

Change Your Thoughts and Change Your Life

Most people think that only genius can do brilliant things and do breakthrough innovations, but any one can learn genius skills if one is willing to learn and practice

Darwin was a poor student in school. He washed out of medical school and ended up, to his father’s horror, heading out on a round the world voyage as the ship’s naturalist. During the voyage . Darwin studied many different plants and animals and collected many specimens, concentrating on location and habits. Despite feeling very sea-sick for much of the time, he kept careful notes of all his zoological and botanical observations and sent many specimens of what he found back to England

Approaching material with a goal of learning it, mastering it on your own, can give you a unique path to create your influence on subject. There are many subjects that are difficult to understand, take pride in yourself. Do not listen to people who says you can’t do it.

Throw away all present prejudices about what you can accomplish and what you can’t.

Hard Start — Jump To Easy

Start with the hard problem but quickly jump to the easy one. Take a good look at the hard problem have a little sense of it. But, don’t get stuck into it that you can’t come out. Wisely come out of after some time and start working on some easier task, and let your diffused mode of learning mind take care of the hard problem for a while — and then repeat the process.

This method make more efficient use of your brain by allowing different parts of the brain to work simultaneously on different problems — also helps you you avoid Einstellung, getting stuck on the wrong idea.

It takes discipline and willpower to practice this method in order to make it useful. Anticipate gradual change, not overnight brilliance.



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