How to Watch Thoughts?

This quick trick will help you remove distracted thoughts from your mind while you are tying to focus on some big idea — for a long period of time.

We all know that compulsive thoughts can make life miserable; even compulsive positive thoughts are difficult to push aside if you happen to read self-help books too often or listen to such podcast while communing to work

Here is something that can help you:

Relax and Watch Your Thoughts Like They Don’t Belong to You

Stage 1

You started watching your thoughts; Just watch the content and try to find the origin of the content, don’t try too hard; work on what are various dependencies of this thought? …. hope, desire or fear

Keep looking at the content of yur though as long as you can unless you realize that you are losing the content.

By this time you are feeling that there is more of a watcher and less of thought

Stage 2

Depending upon the success made during the stage 1, your ability to perform at this stage will vary. If you have done very good at Stage 1 then may be you had already crossed Stage 2 as well.

At this stage, Let the watcher actively wait for the next thought. Wait more and you will realize there is some delay in the next thought — but that is good and it means you are making progress.

After some delay, you will see that next thought is arising. This time you will feel that you have some control over this thought. not that you can manipulate the thought but you will be able to feel some kind of slowness in the thought.

All this will give more power to the Watcher; be careful because now the Watcher will gain some ego and try to toy around with the thought; and this will create some gap, a kind of time gap — where you won’t completely understand the difference between the content of thought and the watcher.

You might spend some time here if you are enjoying this gap and if you are no longer seeing any further thought that means you have made good progress.

Try to watch the gap between two thoughts.. and thoughts will slow down.

Risk here is, the Watcher has become very strong and it has taken control of the whole process; you need to come out of it. Take a break and come back for the next stage.

Stage 3

Like a cat waiting outside of a mouse hole — you will realize Watcher is there waiting for the next thought.

This wait could be short or long based on the progress you made in precious stages. Your current stress level also matters but try to relax.

Let the Watcher also relax. Not to Push.

If you feel you are putting too much efforts to push away next thought — stop doing that. Create some small distraction and let some thoughts rush in

By now, you will be feeling that Watcher and Thoughts have same time line. You don’t need to monitor arising thoughts.

Watcher is very much vigilant and slowing of thoughts is becoming a part of your thought sub-system. Watcher is always there waiting for the thought and looking at the content of thought in the real-time.

Stage 4

Congratulation! You have made real good progress. You have a constant Thought Watcher. Make sure you don’t loose it — at least keep it till the time you realize that you can make further progress without it.

Now, every time you think of Thought Watcher — it appears and as soon it appears you will feel that thoughts are no more arising. If you can sustain this state for a longer period of time without too much of efforts — you have made some real good progress.

Some will feel that this Watcher is not new and they already had it, and some will enjoy its presence because now thoughts are absent. You can do this flip-flop thinking but both statements are true.

Every time you feel some distracted thoughts are consuming your energy, you can just introduce Watcher to/in your mind and repeat these stages if you need to.

Stage 5 & 6

If you have been able to sustain Watcher for a much longer period of time without arising of any thought. You should be able to observe longer gaps and in these longer gaps sometimes Watcher will also dissolve.

If you feel that Watcher is appearing again, Watch the Watcher.

Now at this stage you don’t have any thoughts and once the Watcher is dissolved — what remains is , time. But with the watcher gone and thoughts gone — time will have no meaning, because space and time are the fabric of thought.

Bingo! You are on the way to enlightenment.