We Are The Fifth Ape

When asked “Whether Huxley was descended from an ape on his mother’s side or his father’s side?”

Huxley’s responded that He would rather be descended from an ape than a man who misused his great talents to suppress debate

What do you think? Humans and apes are closely-related, and doesn’t mean that we descended from apes.

Theory of Evolution

It is painful to accept that you are descended, through endless generations, from a worm. But the suggestion that species gradually change over many generations is the foundation of biology. This is how we identify its true

Given sufficient time, these changes build up and contribute to the appearance of new species and new types of organism, one minor change at a time. Step by step, worms became fish, fish came onto land and formed four legs, those four-legged animals grew hair and — ultimately — some of them started walking around on two limbs, announced themselves “humans” and discovered evolution.

Conflict Starts Here

Before The Origin of Species, Genesis was the sole book that demonstrates all of nature in a few sentences

In United States, 42% still believe creationist view of human origins and think God created earth 10,000 years ago

What do you believe in?
1) Data and evidence
2) Old inherited believes

5th Ape

First four great apes are:
Gorillas, Orangutans, Bonobos, and Chimpanzees
Fifth ape is: Humans

So we humans are fifth ape sharing a common ancestry with all other species through a long ago extinct ape-likes. 
Genetic evidences shows that chimpanzees are human’s closest ape cousin with 98.5% DNA match

Dr. Richard Dawkins resists the existence of a designer and with theory mankind will never possess the knowledge of how the Designer came to be and not even the idea of the design of which we all are a part.

To Sum Up

What influences our world — faith, feelings, desires, beliefs and senses? Highly intelligent human beings are regarded as weird and often ridiculed.

Michael Roberts summed it correctly in his article and we can conclude this by saying
* Beauty of (apparent) design is a problem to the atheist
* Suffering is a problem to the Theist

The truth is more magical — in the best and most exciting sense of the word — than any myth or made-up mystery or miracle. Science has its own magic: the magic of reality.
― Richard Dawkins, The Magic of Reality: How We Know What’s Really True

Do you symbolize the supposed triumph of science over religion?