What is Your Psychological Metamorphosis Story?

Everybody has a personal story. You can hide it from other, but not from yourself, it will unroll itself into the background of your thoughts, words and actions.

Every story is different. There is no story that is normal, and that is okay — rather it is better. To yourself, the real you, you need to see your reflection in the mirrors of your untold stories.

Carl Jung says 💬

Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you

Every life story tells something. They don’t have to follow rules or a defined flow. It is only your mind that reconnects those events like filling up those gaps with something that you don’t understand why it happened.

Famous Portuguese poet, writer Fernando Pessoa quoted 💬

There are no norms. All people are exceptions to a rule that doesn’t exist

What is Psychological Metamorphosis?

Throughout your life, your mind is in the constant state of flux, you witness many beliefs and go through dynamics of social environment.

Your knowledge about the world go through many transformations based on how life events structure and impact your thoughts.

Story of Your Story

In the unconscious world or mind many things keep running and manipulating your outer thought sub-system, and you react to this world by suppressing your wills and feelings.

This internal conflict has a story to tell

How you understand the effects of external world, how you play different role? When you accept somebody else’s worldviews? 
More importantly, how all this transform you?

Impact of Your Life Stories

Some changes and life events are predictable, like marriage, child birth, moving house etc, and their impact is very much understandable;

….. but other high impact catalysts could be loss of a loved one, trauma, terminal illness, winning a lottery etc deepens your story

Your well-being, personal and collective, depends on how well you understand your changing psychology. You constantly go through this psychological metamorphosis.

Your Personal Identity

Your personal identity, all the narratives you have about yourself, might remain same externally during various phases of your life.

But once you remove shallow social construct and face the mirror of Psychological Metamorphosis you will realize you are a very distinct person.

Resistance is Futile

So do not resist your story and heroically admit all of its components. You will enter into a new relationship with yourself. Previous roles and relationships will dissolve. Let time not slip away but at the same time let time not deceive.

Time is the best teacher, but unfortunately, it kills all of its students.

💬 says Robin Williams US actor & comedian.

Time is just a convenient illusion, a concept, nothing more than just another dimension.

⭐️ Time won’t do any good if you don’t have courage to face and understand your own psychological metamorphosis story, 
…. and unless and until you do that you are not the HERO of your story