Why Philosophy (Not Technology) Will Save Us

Amazon Alexa or Google Home? Which smart speaker do you have at home? Real tough choice to make when there are so many reviews and comparisons flooding the internet.

What’s the meaning of life? Have you asked Siri?
It must have been real fun. From time immemorial man has been asking this question and machine should be able to answer this to our satisfaction.

If machine can beat world’s champions at chess, jeopardy and what not then why machine can’t answer it.

Will machines even answer such questions?

The immediate question is:-

How to live day-to-day life? Yes, we need technology. It is easy that way. All the information of the world is in your pocket.

Daily to-do list, transportation, raising kids, career upgrade, mortgage planning — there are apps for everything. You ask any formal question and there is Internet giving you answer, accurately each time.

The big question is:-

When nothing seems to be going right. You are worried about your life. You just witnessed a death of someone very dear to you. You feel the need to reflect something deeply on these subjects. These are not formal concepts.

You may not get a perfect answer but you should not be afraid to ask questions. It offers you a unique opportunity to grow, to face the world, to convert suffering into wisdom.

For your advancements in life technology will be your ally but it is philosophy that will help you find order in the chaos.

Technology Is Good Slave But A Bad Master

You can’t complete a meal without checking your phone? Technology has become an essential part of today’s lifestyle, you can’t avoid it -but you don’t need to become slaves of technology.

If you wake up in the middle of the night and read your social media feed — you have “Digital Overload” problem. Stop constantly measuring your life against a friend’s life event. Get your real life back.

The technology that is curing cancers is also getting used in making autonomous weapons. For our own security we are under constant surveillance.

In the future every citizen will be ranked by black box algorithms. Technology can give us accurate answers, much quicker, but for deep contextual questions it will always lack heuristics approach

Future of Philosophy and Technology

As we progress more along with technologies like artificial intelligence and robotics, life will become immensely autonomous. Our grand kids will be totally dependent on technology for everything, even for the questions about life.

Technology is limited in its openness, you can only consume what’s there ranked higher and curated to get promoted.

What is easily available discourages deliberation and imagination.

Once you find some information on Google. You take it as highest truth. You don’t reflect upon for more appropriate context, you just ride on your impulsive behavior, you don’t feel the need to have more time to consider further consequences or suitability.

Before the internet, the village idiot was only known in his own village. But not anymore.

Better technology will not create better philosophers. But, yes, technologies like artificial intelligence and cognitive augmentation will transform humanity in such a way that we don’t have to experience philosophy the same way.

Self-reliance will become tech-reliance. Who we are, how we relate the world around us, how should we live, all will be guided by some master algorithm and there won’t be much of pursuit of knowledge for its own sake.

Sophisticated technologies will greatly enhance human intellect and physiology. It will become a part of our future.

In the world of transhumanism and technological singularity death will be wrong. Technology might give us freedom allowing us to pursue things that will explore the genuine meaning of life, and everybody wins.

What Philosophy Does?

Philosophy might not answer all your questions. Philosophy shows us all the wonders lying just below the surface even in the day-to-day life of an ordinary man.

Not all answers are immediately discover-able by all or observable, but philosophical approach towards our deepest and oldest questions is still better than anything else.

Philosophy suggest many possibilities that expands our imaginations and thoughts, and give us some freedom from the definite, finite and obvious tyranny of the custom.
Philosophy is not about getting appropriate and accurate answers for all your life questions.

Philosophy contemplates on the same for the sake of questions, through the strangeness of this universe, by the free intellect, without hopes and fears, of pure truth where private history has not value that constitutes the highest good.

What Lies Ahead

Immortality, New God and Free Money you will have it all from technology, but You will not be “You”. You will become a product of governing agency. You won’t have your own will. You will not feel the need of it as everything subjective will be reducible to some complex black box algorithm
Your individual operating system will be tuned to solve some mega problem. You will be highly productive towards some worthy human goal.

Shaw once said

Although the ultimate reality may be irrational, yet man’s relation to it is not
We are getting closer to a directed and synthetic evolution that will eventually outcome natural evolution.

If you remove philosophy and ethics from the technology I have one advice stop worrying and start loving the bomb of singleton.

Technology that today is “good for us” will bring more technology that will become “God for us”.

Now we stand well prepared for playing God.