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18 Splendid Quotes By — Anish Giri — Quotes OF Quote

By — Abhijit Mondal

Shaking hands is meant as a sign of respect towards your opponent.
I like Hindi movies. Although my wife thinks the hero and heroine breaking into a song and dance every five minutes is ridiculous, but I find them entertaining.
I think chess players are not always what you think them to be. Or maybe it's our job to appear serious.
Online it is much more important to have good quick instincts and the nature of opening preparations changes too, as there is less time to delve deep into the position once the computer preparation ends.
Top players are privileged in the chess world.
As a chess player I learn to adapt to new situations and always try to make the best move without looking back or asking why and how I ended up in a situation I ended up in.
Being one of the lucky ones I shouldn't be complaining, but for the chess world in general it would be good to find a structure in which chess professionals of lower levels would make a good living as well.
Despite having an Indian grandmother and a Nepalese father, I have never been to India before. I have been to Nepal a couple of times, which isn't that far.
I started chess around the age of seven. I was inspired by the game, but soon legends like Kasparov, Karpov, Fischer, Anand and many other world champions captivated me.
Spending most of my time on chess there is not much else I can be much good at but I enjoy spending time with my wife, parents, siblings and friends, listening to music, some sports, the Web and well... the usual stuff.
I barely know what my plans are for tomorrow, but I hope chess will remain a major part of my life.
I did take part in a couple of Vishy Anand's training camps. The experience has truly been invaluable. I saw from up close the level of preparation that I should be striving for.
For the moment, I am more focused on classical chess rather than rapid and blitz, as I am hoping to make my move in the classical World championship cycle.
I believe it is a good thing that there is always quite a lot of online attention around me, it only helps to popularize our fascinating sport and get the fans more excited to watch our games.
No, playing online is an entirely different experience and classical chess events never happen online.
Online chess is very popular and cool, don't get me wrong, but it is a different discipline.

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