Elastic Time! — 1 — Quotidian — 391

(Transcript of video originally posted on 8 May 2022)

Everything was going quite fine… 365 days… 364 videos… And then we jumped based on the digits in the expansion of Pi.. that many days we jumped.. What happened? After the 28th of April, we should’ve had one on the first of May. Why wasn’t one launched? Why didn’t you ask about it? A short video about it, today!


Three Hundred and Ninety One! I was telling you about the calendar and the date we missed.. Well, this is what happened. The 3rd, 7th, and the 13th of April, we had scheduled programming. Launched successfully. On the 15th, I had an operation performed on my knee. They call it ACL reconstruction. A ligament was diagnosed as completely torn, and it needed immediate intervention and I went in for a surgery. We launched 15th, because I had pre-created it. And then, you might have noticed, 21 and 25… I was actually standing with a walker. Some people commented that I wasn’t moving around much in those two videos. My posture was slightly skewed. Good catch! Yes, I struggled, but I somehow still made those deadlines.

And then, … we had 28. By which time a complication had started up in my knee and I had to get myself readmitted and that’s why I did that from the hospital using a memoji.. I was wearing a hospital gown and I wasn’t shaven, … so, we tried this trick.

But, on the 30th, I went in for a second surgery, they had to intervene and do some observations, so, I was bedridden on the 30th. The thing was, on 28th, I told myself, three days, three days, third day from now, third day, … I have an appointment, I have a Quotidian coming up, and somewhere along the way, three days, three days, third day from now, became, yes, you guessed it, May 3rd. And, .. I missed it. A year and five months of very regular, proper discipline, just vanished, just like that, Poof!

I have heard of these circadian rhythms. They are supposed to be your biology actually having an internal clock.. That is the reason for example, why flowers open their buds just in time when the sun rises… It is also why bats sleep, and when it is night time, they wake up without an alarm call. That is also why, these days, many IT workers suffer because of depression, because of PCOD, and so many different complications.. Because they haven’t given respect to their circadian rhythm. Their body clock not in sync with the clock of the outside world. That’s exactly what happened to me. I was in that hospital bed.. And there was a small window to the side which I couldn’t walk to, there were no traffic sounds anyway, sunlight and moonlight were both the same because the shutters were drawn.. Nothing changed, every couple of hours a nurse came, a nurse went, and I think that also contributed to my missing of the calendar. The circadian rhythm went kaput.

I, I was angry, I was upset, I even called up my friends and I asked them… Hey, one of you could have reminded me.. They commiserated with me.. But, beyond that, they couldn’t say anything more, they didn’t have anything more to say! I mean, this is something that I am doing. They are encouraging me along, I could not complain beyond what I did that day.

Another complication! A friend had put together a Quotidian Calendar for 2022! A high-resolution image, beautifully laying out what has been completed, what’s pending, what’s coming up next, etc! Only last week did I realise, there was a big bug in the calendar too!

Take a look at this! Every month has 31 days! February too! April too!! So, yes, I missed the day, but there have been some circumstances which led me to what happened. Forgive me. I will ensure this doesn’t happen again.

My brother-in-law.. He actually had one message for me.. when I said.. I missed, I am devastated.. I am feeling so bad.. I am filled with negative energy now.. when I was cribbing about it, he had just one word.. Kannaa! Prioritise! Yes.. Correct advise perhaps. I am at the hospital. A second surgery is looming.. A complication.. To talk “Quotidian” now, .. won’t it get us all riled up, said my family members too! But, what happened afterwards?

It has been eight days since I missed that day. You know what? I once again lost the motivation temporarily. Does it really matter at all? Why don’t I just give up…?

That was when I was reminded of a famous quote from Clayton Christensen, (we have encountered this person earlier too), which went:- It is easier to hold your principles 100% of the time.. I won’t change at all. I will do it every day.
I will do it consistently.. is easier… than doing it 98% of the time. I will skip it just on the day of the surgery… I won’t do it only on days it rains… it is so much harder to maintain a cadence like that. And I experienced it first-hand. So, guys, if you are trying something, if you are putting a habit in place, perhaps swearing not to eat non-vegetarian food, perhaps to go on a run everyday, perhaps never to ever speak a lie, … whatever interesting, useful habit you are trying to inculcate… very important piece of advice? Don’t go for that 98%. Go for 100% It is very very hard to claw back after you fall.

That is when I encountered this book. When time was bending, flexing, slipping, when my clock and the world’s clock were doing a crazy unsynchronised dance, that is when I encountered this book by Benjamin Hardy. He is a famous YouTuber, famous author, motivational speaker.. I have read a few other books by him. This man hit me with this book. Slipstream Time Hacking is the name. How to create time, live more, enhance happiness. Almost sounds like snake oil. A panacea for all diseases! In fact, when I read the introduction to the book, it talked about Dr. Albert Einstein, it talked about science fiction, it talked about movies, it talked about God! It talked about four completely different subjects… but, I was at the hospital, and I was able to complete reading the book. And I am really thankful that I had this opportunity to read this book. I learned quite a few interesting things, and the next Quotidian, due tomorrow, I am going to dedicate to this book and the learnings I have from it. Let us meet tomorrow! Let us surely meet tomorrow! But, before that, we need a closing thought, don’t we?

My closing thought is just this. If you are a creator, remember that creativity is essentially a very lonely art. Something done all by yourself. Don’t expect support. Don’t expect encouragement. Don’t expect reminders. Don’t expect contributions. It is a lonely struggle, he says. It is, in reality, the ability to reach inside yourself and drag forth from your very soul, an idea.. says this famous artist — Lou Dorfsman. I completely agree. Because, you see, I have a YouTube channel, most of us are connected via Whatsapp, but not a single one of you wondered when the next episode is, .. nine days have gone by… it has never been delayed by such a long period… even if you didn’t know we were bouncing along like Pi, did even one of you raise the fundamental question? None of you did.. I am a little said… Anyway, tomorrow is a fresh day! Let us meet! Thanks!



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