Q and A for 401 to 499 — Quotidian — 410

(Transcript of video originally posted on 10 Aug 2022)

Raj:- Namaste! 410! Like last time, we have a colleague this time from Zoho, she’s actually an ex-student of the Zoho Schools of Learning. From the School of Technology. Shruthika is her name! She volunteered to do the host role this time. She will take us through comments and opinions that we have received till now. We will share our responses, if any, about them now!

Shruthika:- Hello everyone, a good day to you all! Thank you, Raj, for the introduction. I am really honored to do this. It is going to be a great journey. I hope you guys have fun watching this too! Thank you!

This is from Q 401, Some Signals. Arunkumar Jothilal says “I like this in 37, from their website. Hours aren’t equal. An hour isn’t an hour. It’s a collection of minutes that add up to an hour. And 60 uninterrupted minutes is a higher-quality hour than an hour chopped into four 15-minute sessions. Uninterrupted hours lead to quality time, quality work. Days chunked into tiny blocks of time are a terrible way to work”.

Raj:- I read a blog post by Seth Godin, recently. Inspirational blog post about how, many of us make the classic mistake of looking at the future as some undefinable gooey mass.. The past, the Now, and the Future. But, we forget to realise that the future is actually made up of days which is made of hours which is made up of minutes.. And, if you waste the minutes, you have lost the day, you have lost the future! Many of us don’t realise that! So, like Arun Kumar points out, it is the tiny chunks that matter after all! Thank you, Arun!

Shruthika:- This is from Davos. The same Quotidian 401. “Jeff Bezos mainly talks about how sleep plays a major role in your life”.

Raj:- And, I would like to actually thank Davos for this… Recently, I found out that Davos has joined the Zoho Schools of Learning! One can’t really say which was the cause and which was the effect. But, if, in a small way, I have influenced somebody out there, he is from Agra… he came to know about this, and he dug a little further, and eventually he ended up joining Zoho Schools, well, it is really fulfilling and comforting. Thank you!

Shruthika:- This one is from Q 402. Victory’s Defeat. This is from Sumithra Palanisamy. “Awesome how players do post mortem how we won, the people who watch that should look for how they won instead of celebrating… if a person win, we generally have higher expectations on them to have more wins from there on, … that makes them more stressed and they lose and sometimes they feel the winning is a problem… What abhinav Bindra said was true. I think it suits for you, sir, “You don’t need to do Quotidians, but you just WANT it”.

Raj:- Right… So… I agree.. But, there’s been this other situation too.. If we stop with a Want alone, “Let me not do it today” is something that can creep in. So, only if you bake it into your routine, something like brushing your teeth or having your bath, only when you make it a “I need to do it”, that is when some good habits probably stick.. The WANT should slowly make way to make it a NEED. It HAS to be done. There is this beautiful book, someday we will get to it in Quotidians, called “The Difference Between Should and Must”. Should is something you want to do. Must is something the world expects you to do. So, have the Should in place, firmly.

Shruthika:- So, this one is from Q 402 as well. “The Burden of Winning — so much behind the scenes! Winning is not a destination — well explained! That scene was amazing sir, what can you give for the next generation? Nailing! Why did we win? If we remember this, we can keep our life light and happy. Thanks for sharing!”

Raj:- Thank you! Isn’t that Shine and Glow? Yes, thank you! Recently, in Netflix, I was watching a program detailing Michael Jordan’s great wins, and then his retirement… In one episode, his coach and his manager tell him, “You did the right thing. You followed your heart..” All that is fine. But, after all that, what does winning give you? Winning gives you the opportunity to wow the society around you. The neighbourhood that you are a part of… Those fans of the world. Pushing their excitement and joy to the next level. Winning, is an opportunity you get to win again! Performance is an opportunity you get to go back on that stage again. If you look at it like that, that is when it becomes a process. It is not some destination. “I thank the world for giving me an opportunity to do this again!” And, that is the definition of winning, according to something interesting I read recently!

Shruthika:- Thank you, Raj san. So, this is from 403. Defeat’s Victory. This is from Shashank Krishnanand. “Great video on this topic, Raj! Thank you for sharing. Dropping another quote relating to this that I think of often: The longer you live, the more you fail. Failure is the mark of a life well lived. In turn, the only way to live without failure is to be of no use to anyone. — Brandon Sanderson in The Stormlight Archive series”.

Raj:- The Stormlight Archives. I came to know about this series very recently. Shashank is another colleague. So, the longer you live, the more you fail. Wear your defeats as badges of honour. If a person comes, saying “Do you know where all I have lost? Do you know how all I have been battered?”, with battle wounds all over his body, people would see him, dread the sight of him, and run away from the battlefield! In those olden days, in armies, they used to have this guy who will not fix his wounds, it seems. Why? Well, if somebody has withstood so much, and has still made his way back to the battlefield, he must be a really accomplished fighter.. And, if they have such a person in their army, oh my, how powerful this army should be, … let us not meddle with these people! So, they used to have badges of honour, it seems.. And they are living scars.. The wounds that you have suffered while fighting with your enemies. So, beautiful!

Shruthika:- Okay! That was something really interesting to hear. Something that I have not heard before. It kinda wowed me to be honest…

This is from Quotidian 403 as well. Arunkumar Jothilal says, … Defeat’s Victory is greater than Victory’s Defeat…

Raj:- Well, I am not sure… Like anything related to life, there’s this cyclical thing that’s involved. Is it happiness? Is it sorrow? Only in the depths of sorrow, can you really feel happiness, they say. If somebody is all the time happy and smiling, like you, right…, we really don’t know whether we are enjoying it to the fullest, only when you suffer.. you appreciate the shade only when you walk in the hot sun… So, I don’t really know what the right formula is, but one thing I know, defeat and victory, both are to be experienced, probably in equal measure, for a Life to be lived fully. All the best!

Shruthika:- I definitely agree with you Raj. Even though I am just nineteen, I used to go to dance competitions in school, and, I think both played a big role in it, many times we did lose, and that motivated us to go far, and every time we won, we had this fear of people having expectations on us, and we pushed ourselves even more.

Raj:- Correct! Do you remember, I often used to say, “Sometimes you win. Other times, you learn!” So, it is there! There is something for you in both victory and defeat.

Shruthika:- This is from 404, Not Found. This is from Viswanath Subramani. He praises your videos, and he says…

Raj:- I haven’t encountered this person till now. I had made a comment about the 18 steps at Sabari Mala. Probably he is religious, and he has done this Yatra many times. He had given a lot of interesting tidbits about how the Yatra happened in olden days, how it has changed these days, what the mandala actually was about, and how fastidious they were in following those guidelines. I don’t know if there is a similar concept, a religious pilgrimage so elaborate in its protocol and principles, anywhere else in the world.

Shruthika:- This is from 404 too. From Ramkumar Ramaswamy. “Trivia. Amid the serious laundry list of HTTP error codes sits an inconsequential but rather amusing code, 418, which stands for ‘I am a teapot. Therefore, I cannot brew coffee’, created as an April Fool’s prank in 1998. And, status code 451 stands for “unavailable for legal reasons’, a grim nod to Ray Bradbury’s science fiction novel, Fahrenheit 451, which focuses on censorship”.

Raj:- This 451 is really interesting. This author, science fiction author, Ray Bradbury, has written a book called Fahrenheit 451. And, 451 is supposed to be the temperature at which paper burns. So, in that science fiction world, a dystopian society, people are revolting, people are getting ideas, people fight against the dictators only because they read. Only because they develop their knowledge. And, so, ‘let us burn them all’, decide the management, and start the inferno! 451! That is the name! Fahrenheit 451, paper burns! So, look at that code number. 451! Unavailable for legal reasons! These scientists, who put the web together for us, 404, we saw that room number, they have had a ball, they have truly enjoyed! Which is why, we saw in another Quotidian too, unless you are enjoying your work, unless every day at work is like you are in a playground, like you are in a pit filled with coloured balls, like you are in a shower, enjoying, exhilarated, thrilled, … the best work will not come out of you. And, that’s true! These scientists, after all, created the internet for us, didn’t they!

Shruthika:- Right… So, this is from 405. From G K Balaguru. He gives you a heart, Raj san!

Raj:- Oh! G K Balaguru. The reason I dropped his post into today’s video is, … well, just two months ago, he made a post, a comment, saying, “I am going to watch every video of yours from now on”. Many have said that, … some don’t do it though… (You belong to the latter category, I guess!), so, this guy went a step further, and from then on, from that day on, almost like marking attendance, every time he finishes watching a video, he would leave a black heart! I came to know, later, that this Balaguru is actually a student at Zoho Schools of Learning. So, the flock is really growing and I am really happy to see some of my students get into this game, and some of the players become students! So, it is really heartening!

Shruthika:- Hats off to your consistency, Balaguru!…

Raj:- Mine..? Also??

Shruthika:- Definitely, definitely, Raj san. So, we’ve been with him since Quotidian started, and we’ve spoken about this in class, and he has said, “And from now on, every day, I am going to post a video, and now, I follow the Pi pattern”. It is amazing how consistent he is and …

Raj:- Thank you thank you thank you!

Shruthika:- This is from 405. Simple is better than complex, complex is better than complicated. Just thought it is right for life too, not just for the programming environment.

Raj:- And, this comes from a non-programmer. And, again and again, I have noticed this, you could say, this philosophy, again and again. So many things that are given as advice to developers, are actually great pieces of advice even to non-developers living a life. Would you agree?

Shruthika:- I definitely agree! Yeah!

Raj:- Keep it simple. Don’t repeat yourself. … You start wondering, hey, is this something coming from Gauthama Buddha, or is this coming from Linus Torvalds..? Because, they say, the world of programming is a microcosm. It is actually a reflection of the big bad world around you itself. I see that a lot. Thank you!

Shruthika:- This is from 406. Paradoxical Gains. Neil Neero says, “With Gambhir, it is K L Rahul and not Dinesh Karthik”…

Raj:- Yeah, yeah, so, I apologised, it looked like Karthik to me but it was actually K L Rahul. But…, you know what happened…? I had written my apology, but Neil comes, follows up with, “Yes, at a glance K L Rahul, DK, Ajinkya, Vikranth, Dhawal, Jayadev, Varun, Shreyas, .. all look similar!” I am not sure if he was mocking, or if he was trying to help me with information… Apology given, please take it boss!

Shruthika:- This is from 407. Living Forever. From Logesh. “Dissatisfied little needle swinging like a mad pendulum between the three Times… I don’t know why I like this line so much!”

Raj:- Actually, you know what, my friend, usually, when you like something soooo much, sooooooo much, bordering on love, and you are asked “WHY”, you won’t be able to say it. In fact, you can even call it the Grammar of Love. If, faced with the question, “How much do you like something”, you are able to give explanations, scientific derivations etc, you are actually not liking it too much! It should transcend that world of Reason. I don’t know why, but I want to keep looking at it, I want to keep listening to it, that is the indication of probably the next level, the Black Belt of Love. Earworm, they call it. There is a word like that in English. Some piece of music that just sticks to you. Go to the bathroom, you keep hearing it. It echoes as you travel in the bus. You will not be able to stop humming it in your mind. It is almost as if a worm is caught inside your ear. So, it is an earworm. This is probably a sentenceworm. Be blessed!

Shruthika:- So, this is from 407 too. By Blender Forever. “There are a few quotidians that just completely suck me in like a black hole and this is one of them. Here is a quote by Confucius, that resembles the content of this episode. We have two lives, and the second begins when we realise we only have one”.

Raj:- Isn’t that amazing? Yeah.. By the way, Blender Forever is even more amazing. He has been a long-time follower and commenter at my channel. He is, I think a hacker too. And he sent me, this. It is a website, which is like a calendar for Quotidians. You go to that page any time, any day, it will tell you when the next Quotidian is! Also, if you go back in time, all older Quotidians are linked! So, a great interface… a labour of love he has created. I don’t know what his real name is. I don’t know his face. But, I hope some day he will … I am saying it is him.. what if it is a she…

Shruthika:- Could be…

Raj:- Could be YOU! Not you? Not you!

Shruthika:- I am going to keep it a secret…!

Raj:- So, we don’t know who this person is… thank you! Thank you for doing this!

Shruthika:- Thank you so much, Blender Forever, I am sure it will definitely be helpful for all of us. This is from 409, a torrent of ideas. Lakshman says, “Perfect Ten, Another Idea. All the ten ideas could be a Quotidian topic. Thank you!”

Raj:- He has leaked my secret! While I am working on one, I have a parallel chat channel with my colleagues… Hashtag FutureQ! is what I call it. It means, we have begun here, there is much to share about this, no time, I will probably address this in a later Quotidian! You have stolen my trade secret, Mr. Lakshman!

Shruthika:- So, we have come to the end. I would like to add a small note here.. So, it is really fascinating how you come up with ideas. I was watching Victory’s Defeat and Defeat’s Victory…

Raj:- Oh, that, The Winning Way…

Shruthika:- As an intro, you were talking about Kobe Bryant, and his record, how many shots he had missed… and I was wondering, what would this intro lead me to… and I saw the topic and later I saw the connection, and it was like, oh my god, this is so amazing! And the way you fish out for ideas everywhere, I have seen this in our classes too, when we do our bookreading sessions, you sometimes read some stuff, and say, Hey, this is a great idea for Quotidian!

Raj:- Oh, you remember that too!

Shruthika:- I was really fascinated with all that…

Raj:- Oh, okay, I will actually let you in on a secret here. What you see as a Quotidian, is not conceived linearly. Probably the idea for the 14th slide comes, and I share that with my colleagues, and we create something that’s woven around it, something from somewhere, something from somewhere else, and one of them says, this doesn’t look good, and all that, and that’s how it develops… In fact, you know what is the last thing that’s done for a Quotidian? The Intro!!

Shruthika:- OHHH!!

Raj:- What do I do..? We need to attract these folks! We can’t play a song in the beginning, spin around like Doordarshan, and still hope to hold on to the fleeting attention span of our viewers! We know you will leave! That is why, right off the bat, like it happens in Vijay Sethupathi movies, … they kill him in the first scene, usually. And then, the story develops, whaaat? The hero is gone already? But then, he comes, and comes again, and comes again and again, like in flashback sequences till the very last scene.. He will be there right through the movie, but the first scene, he will die! And so, I thought, similarly, I should introduce something that has an indirect tangential connection to the whole theme, and that is conceived last, not first! Yeah! Alright then, so, we come to the end of 410. Coming soon is 411, and until then, Namaste!



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