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Revolutionizing the eCoupon Industry

A global marketplace for merchants to advertise eCoupons as digital assets on blockchain technology.

Since launching Qupon in November 2017, we’ve been working on delivering a product to merchants and consumers that exceeds their expectations. From a business perspective we asked how could we create a product that delivers a best in class experience to all participants. We answered that with one of our driving principals and values and that is Everyone who participates in Qupon is an investor, be it merchants, customers, or passive equity investors. By defining who we value it helps to shape how we develop our product. Our commitment is to build a solution that rewards all participants.

The current eCoupon system is broken, neither merchants nor customers are benefiting from the applications they use. The middlemen like Groupon with their fees as high as 50% are seeing all the benefits. At Qupon our goal is simple, lower fees for merchants to advertise products and services and they will be able to offer bigger discounts to their customers. By utilizing a decentralized business model we are able to offer fees less than 10%. As well as offering the lowest fees in the industry, we are improving the social experience by keeping money in the local communities.

Qupon is committed to utilizing decentralization, smart contract technology, cryptocurrency and model our platform and business as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization in order to meet our goals to reduce costs and return value back to participants. In a series of articles we will describe how we will utilize each of these technologies to create a social experience that revolutionizes the eCoupon experience for all participants of Qupon.

Be a part of the future and help support Qupon. Together we can create the social change we are all searching for. Join our community social sites listed below and let us know how we can improve our product to become a social icon and thought leader for the future. We will be puplishing information on Twitter and our Telegram channel about our upcoming ICO which is scheduled to occur November/December 2018.

Joseph Oreste | Founder and CEO

Social Sites

Web: qupon.io

Telegram: t.me/CryptoQupon

Twitter: twitter.com/CryptoQupon

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/qupon-qpn/

Whitepaper: qupon.io/QuponWhitepaper.pdf



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Qupon is a global eCommerce marketplace for merchants to advertise digital coupons on blockchain technology