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Quppy Monthly Update

Dear members!

Quppy is a fast developing project. We would like to share the latest news of this month with you.

Open IBAN account

Quppy is currently offering the members to open an IBAN account in a European Bank.

The account supports SEPA transfers on the territory of the European Union and the CIS as well as other countries (by prior arrangement).

The collection account service enables the Client to receive Euro bank transfers from any EU account. The service has a faster and less costly IBAN payment, no need for SWIFT data. The company appears European due to local payment capabilities.

Virtual IBANs in SEPA

The IBANs support inbound/outbound EUR bank transfers. APIs provide submission of customer KYC, allocate unique IBANs, initiate outbound transfers and notify about inbound transfers routed to these IBANs.

SEPA payouts

IBAN-account supports the SEPA replenishment system

Main features:

  • pre-allocation of funds on a payment balance provides a fast transfer;
  • non-European money transfer to a European consignee is cheaper than standard transfer;
  • the precise currency conversion rates are available in real time.

Сryptocurrency purchase

The purchase of the cryptocurrency is carried out at the agreed rate after fiat funds are credited to the IBAN account of Quppy Europe OU.

The list of cryptocurrencies with which transactions are carried out is agreed with the Client.

After the exchange operation, the cryptocurrency is transferred to the crypto-wallet specified by the Client. To perform this operation, it is necessary to pass a simplified AML/KYC identification by filling in the questionnaire (click on the link).

Selling crypto

The sale of cryptocurrency is carried out at the agreed rate after crediting cryptocurrency funds to the Quppy Europe OU crypto-wallet. The list of cryptocurrencies with which transactions are carried out is agreed with the Client.

After the exchange transaction, the Fiat money is transferred to the Client’s account.

In case the Client opens an IBAN account for the transaction, it is necessary to pass the standard AML/KYC identification by filling in the questionnaire.

Media coverage

The popularity of the platform is constantly growing. More and more resources publish reviews considering Quppy and its tools.

A couple of weeks ago CCN wrote an article devoted to a euro account service from Quppy. Now Quppy users can now undergo a verification process and open an account via the Quppy Wallet app.

Quppy App has been updated

The new version of Quppy Wallet has been released. And it’s packed with new features:

  • Now the user can send fiat to his own wallets and to legal entities. The transaction mechanism has also been improved;
  • The exchange rates have been significantly reduced Send fiat without any fee!
  • An improved user verification system;

The performance of the application has also been updated. Quppy Team also fixed display errors for some types of phones and added Korean and Chinese languages. More updates are coming in the nearest months.

Quppy: your funds are safe. Always!

This month is a bit turbulent. We are all following the latest news regarding Binance. The Quppy crypto-fiat transactions and exchange operations are working in normal mode. The Quppy project cannot be influenced by market turbulences and any type of fraud. A special branch of the Quppy security team monitors all market events.

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