4 Main Capabilities of QRX Token

for the First Professional Crypto Exchange Users

In the previous two posts (here and here) we discussed the value of Qurrex cryptocurrency exchange token for the users of centralized and decentralized segments of the platform.

In this post we will summarize all that has been said by outlining the capabilities granted by the token to the exchange users — both DEX and CEX segments.

Statistically, traditional (fiat) exchanges have about 20,000 professional players. Primarily we are talking about the institutional market players. They have more than 200 million clients, including traders. As a result global daily fiat assets turnover is greater than 7 trillion dollars. Crypto currency exchanges are not even close to this. The value of the crypto market is approximately $10–30 billion.

However, traditional market players don’t mind working with cryptocurrency. But there is one issue — currently a major player can’t enter this market in a legal way so easily. The issue is not only the legislation and absence of appropriate regulation of the industry, but that the crypto exchanges which exist nowadays are not the most reliable work tool.

Most cryptoexchanges can’t support institutional players with capabilities they are used to — software and work method. Qurrex hybrid crypto exchange developers decided to create a platform designed to satisfy them all — both crypto market and fiat market players.

One of the most important roles in the Qurrex project is given to the exchange token — QRX. It can be considered as the central element of the platform. The token provides certain capabilities to all of the exchange players, which are hard to overestimate, and they are related to both amateur traders and institutional clients. The capabilities are quite a few, but the main ones are four.

The First: Exchange fees reduction

At the traditional exchange market most of the operations are performed by brokers. It is they who make the most significant fiat segment. In the future a similar situation will come about in the cryptocurrency world as well, and particularly thanks to brokers the cryptocurrencies will be in high demand, while daily transactions volume will be increasing every day.

As for QRX token, it will help save the money thanks to exchange fees reduction. Exchange users will get up to 100% savings if they choose to work with tokens. The higher the exchange income is, the bigger the discount users of the system may get on the same amount of tokens.

The brokers who have acquired exchange tokens will get higher income than those platform users who don’t work with QRX. Profit growth will help make even more successful operations, bring in new clients, and increase the market share.

The Second: Commission fees earnings

Brokers, liquidity providers, banks, traditional and cryptocurrency exchanges will be able to benefit from liquidity nodes — simplified versions of the exchange itself. The owners of liquidity nodes will earn off trading commission fees for leverage, fiat gate, DEX access, etc. And all the liquidity node deployment rights can only be purchased with QRX tokens. It is simple, safe, and quick, while tokens — as mentioned above — provide competitive advantage to the users of the system.

The Third: QRX lease passive income

One of the Qurrex exchange tools is tokens lease to other users of the system. QRX tokens owners can receive commission in Bitcoins, Ethereum, or fiat money (US dollars).

The Fourth: Speculative income

QRX tokens will be listed at many popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Over some time growing interest of investors, brokers, traders, and other market players will raise the token exchange rate. Therefore everyone who had acquired QRX tokens before others will be able to profitably sell them.

Exchange market projects of this kind experienced 10–100 fold token price increase. Since Qurrex is a new generation professional exchange, we can expect even higher growth.

In general, the exchange and its token allow working conditions for both current crypto market users and traditional fiat market players who are used to certain tools and environment. Qurrex will create familiar surroundings for everyone.

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