Big news: Qurrex CEX matching module is now available for load test

If you wish to participate in the creation of a new generation exchange join the test process now! Just e-mail to:

We continue the setting up of equipment and selection of the optimum matching configuration. Currently its capacity is over 2 million transactions per second. During the long load tests in February we are planning to use several configurations, among which one is expected to reach the peak capacity of 3,5 million transactions per second with acceptable latency.

In the nearest time we will provide:
- Documentation for unassisted connection to matching module; 
- Load testing procedure regulations; 
- Tools for execution of load tests (interface) for users without own preliminaries; 
- Information about further test plans, including activities under bounty program.

Starting from today a web page is available with matching operation statistics displayed. Statistics includes information about current capacity and latency of the service and other information reflecting trading activity of matching users.

If you wish to participate in the testing by means of writing their own connector to the matching, please, send an e-mail to:

Let’s do this together!

You will always find more info here: