Anton Shestakov
Mar 23, 2018 · 3 min read

In the midst of security breaches at cryptocurrency exchanges and minimal institutional participation in the cryptocurrency market, rising exchange Qurrex is offering an innovative approach that will attract casual traders and institutional investors alike.

In today’s world, those looking to participate in the cryptocurrency boom can turn to centralized exchanges (CEX) and, more recently, decentralized exchanges (DEX).

The problem? Neither of these provide full functionality that can allow individuals and institutions to participate in the market efficiently.

CEX — Speed & Liquidity with Digital Vulnerability

Centralized exchanges have long been the standard in the real world, away from coins, tokens and distributed ledgers. Those like NASDAQ, NYSE, and others, allow the trading of stocks and similar assets and have provided low latency (quick processing of orders), liquidity, and tools like marginal, and high-frequency, trading. This attracted significant participation from individual and institutional investors, the latter contributing to even more liquidity.

In the crypto world, however, CEX is a bit of a dirty word (or acronym). This is because all the buy and sell orders are routed to a third party, and often requires users to place their private keys in the hands of the exchange. These third parties are vulnerable to government influence and hacking attacks.

CEXs depend on an organization to operate them, which subjects them to government regulation and, potentially, exploitation.

Governments Close Exchanges Down

Two of the largest exchanges in China, for example, froze all Bitcoin withdrawals for a month after China’s central bank attempted to intervene. Others have forced exchanges to collect data on their users causing concerns for the privacy that cryptocurrency users cherish. CEX concentrate large amounts of cryptocurrency, which makes them attractive and vulnerable to hacking attacks. These attacks have already cost users millions of dollars in digital assets; notably the attacks on Mt. Gox, Bitfinex, and Coincheck, among others.

DEX — The Spirit of Crypto at a Cost

Many think the solution to these troubles lies at the other end of the spectrum.

Decentralized Exchanges, which allow users to keep much of the privacy by retaining absolute control of their private keys. Because they mostly rely on software, it is difficult to subject them to the kind of government regulation that requires CEX to collect information on their users. Additionally, since DEXs do not hold their users’ assets, they are not as vulnerable to hacking, providing more security than their CEX counterparts.

However, DEXs do not hold currency nor do they have a central ledger containing all buy and sell orders. This prevents them from offering the instruments, latency, or liquidity that would motivate institutional investors to enter the market.

Enter Qurrex — A hybrid exchange posed to be the future of crypto trading

In the coming months, crypto markets will be welcoming an innovative force that seeks to provide the functionality and liquidity of a CEX with the privacy and security of a DEX.

Qurrex boasts a central node that routes orders, provides transparency, and attracts institutional investors. At the same time, this node is connected to a decentralized network that allows casual traders to participate in the market, confirm transactions, and hold their own private keys if they choose to. The ability to conduct peer-to-peer trading, and record orders on a blockchain marries the best of both the CEX and DEX worlds.

Qurrex will be able to give users exactly that: the hybrid cryptocurrency exchange experience.

Qurrex is the Solution

Qurrex will catapult digital asset trading into the future. The Qurrex team is building on years of experience of trading in a central exchange, providing services with the speed, ease, and liquidity institutional users are used to.
Its “central node” will be connected to a network of decentralized nodes that allows its users to access the trading platform and engage in peer to peer trading, provide confirmation and record transactions on a blockchain, and maintain the true spirit of crypto.

As well as the security of the digital assets that the cryptocurrency revolution brought to the market, Qurrex could be the first truly next-generation exchange.

This hybrid exchange solution makes Qurrex the cryptocurrency market innovation of 2018.

For more information, please visit Qurrex.


The most professional cryptocurrency trading platform

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The most professional cryptocurrency trading platform

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