QTS 1.0 Release

Last months have been an extremely efficient and rewarding phase for Qurrex Team.
Today we are very glad to inform you that Qurrex Team has finished the loading test of Qurrex Trading System (QTS).
Currently we are preparing to launch QTS 1.0 Release.
QTS 1.0 Release will have the following features: 
• Stable versions of Trading System Components, including Binary and WS Gateways, Risk Checking Module, Trade Statistics Service and Market Data Service;
• Available Trading Protocols: Binary;
• Available Market Data Protocols: WS, Binary (VPN or Collocation);
• Supported Trading Instruments: BTC/USD, ETH/BTC, QRX/ETH;
• Settlement Mode: Full Funds Pre-Deposit (DVP);
• Trading Mode: SPOT.
QTS Release 1.0 will allow users to make transactions in the «Paper Trading Mode».
Detailed QTS Release 1.0 documentation and description of protocols will be available soon.
The description of the QTS 1.0 Release functionality.
Transactions Gateway
The following features and capabilities are available in this QTS 1.0 release:
• API Key Authentication;
• Password and Login Authorization;
• Different Access Levels Authorization:
 Individua account;
 Group of individual accounts.
• Differentiation of Access Rights to components and functionality;
• Validation and verification of incoming messages.
Access to trading transactions is available through Binary protocol.

Supported types of trading transactions: 
• NewOrder — request to process a new order; 
• CancelOrder — request to cancel an active order;
• MassCancel — request to massive cancellation of orders; 
• ReplaceOrder — request to change active order. 
Risk Checking Module
The first version of the security check system will support a full check of the adequacy of funds for transactions. Margin transactions are not available in QTS 1.0 Release.
According to the results of transactions, the current position of the trading instrument and the asset will be calculated. The security check will be conducted on individual customer accounts.
Trading Orders Processing Module
Trading Orders Processing Module processes the incoming trading orders, forms trading orders queue (market depth), controls full life-cycle management (adding new orders, modifying and cancellation of existing orders).
The following features are available in this QTS 1.0 release:
• Supported Trading Mode: Anonymous Trading;
• Supported Trading Order Process Mode: TimePriority;
• Supported Types of Orders: 
• Supported Time In Force: 
UDP MarketData Services
The following features of Services for anonymous Market Data translation via Binary are available in this QTS 1.0 release:
• OrderBook Service — services, that translate snapshots and updates of aggregated price levels and volumes;
• Statistics Service — service, that translate snapshots of calculating statistics on the progress of trading;
• Trades Service — service, that translate snapshots and updated of anonymous transactions.
The Date of launching QTS 1.0 Release will be announced soon.
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