Qurrex hybrid exchange: why is it ahead of its competitors?

Anton Shestakov
Jun 7, 2018 · 5 min read

Today there are several dozens of crypto-currency exchanges. Some of them are quite popular, with their resources being utilized by users from all over the world. Also, despite the fact that all the popular projects are centralized, the idea of a decentralized exchange is in the air. The concept behind Qurrex is to combine both: CEX and DEX nodes in one sustainable, auditable and reliable cryptotrading platform.

As we are approaching our QRX token sale, which is to start just a few days later, June 10th, let’s take a quick glance at what is Qurrex crypto exchange concept is, and why the project is going to succeed.

In fact, some modern crypto-instruments are widely known, including Kraken, BitFinex, BitStamp and some others. Their advantages are obvious: availability to a huge number of users, a coherent and practical functionality that allows to work anywhere and anytime. However, there are disadvantages as well, and one of them being that all exchanges are single-centre controlled projects.

Centralization and its disadvantages

One of the most successful centralized crypto-currency exchanges is Mt.Gox. It was created in the early days of the crypto-currency era and became popular quite quickly. Quite soon, however, it showed disadvantages of implemented solutions based on centralization. All of a sudden it stopped working and fell into oblivion, with its clients assets. Despite later attempts to hold the exchange founder liable, this experience by no means can be called successful — noone was brought to justice, everything was written off as evil tricks of intruders.

After Mt.Gox downfall, other solutions were proposed, including those partially decentralized. But no solution so far has gained enough popularity to become known to all. Nevertheless, the number of projects based on decentralization are gradually increasing. Most likely, they will begin to actively materialize at the end of this year — where there is demand, there will be supply.

However, experts predict that they will not show up until 2019 — just because of sluggishness of technological solutions. Their implementation will take some time. But the boom of decentralized crypto-exchanges will be preceded by a combination solution that will be discussed in this material — Qurrex hybrid exchange.

Other solutions will also be actively developed but not until 2020. The front runner, however, will be Qurrex — if only because the exchange functionality is already being improved as we speak.

Why Qurrex, of all others?

The success of most telecommunication projects (and not only these) is about implementing a certain idea for the first time. Google, for instance, was the first web search service with excellent functionality that allowed users to find the right information on the network. It was followed by Yandex, the first Russian web search service created by a team of professionals.

That’s what happened with Qurrex — this hybrid crypto-exchange is already being developed as we speak with its trading terminal being available for testing now. The exchange ecosystem is gradually growing, and by the time similar solutions come up, Qurrex will have already secured a certain market share. Now the exchange is in full keeping with to the spirit of the time, and the project team is developing solutions that will be relevant for many years to come.

The advantage of Qurrex (one of its strong points) is that most of the project team representatives have extensive experience in developing mass financial instruments. They includes analysts, developers, financial experts — that is, the specialists who know what should be working and how. By the way, those solutions that are now being implemented were predicted by this team about a year ago.

The work is now underway on dedicated modules of the exchange that are “just working”. Most of its elements are more than 80% complete. The work continues so users will soon be in a position to test the system.

Critical elements of the infrastructure that are already being worked on:

  • legal aspects of operation of crypto-exchanges in different jurisdictions; financial
  • Instruments for institutional players;
  • transaction security, solution of potential problems;
  • hybridization of existing solutions and their consolidation.

Who will benefit from hybrid crypto-exchange?

Qurrex has users from a wide range of categories who might be interested in instruments offered by the exchange:

  • institutional players willing to participate in the crypto-market operation; affiliate crypto-exchanges in need of liquidity;
  • traditional financial market players including Forex who are willing to have work tools to handle crypto-currencies;
  • private investors including crypto-angles.

Qurrex can offer them the tools such as:

  • integration of existing conventional solutions in the blockchain infrastructure;
  • real-time operation;
  • prompt operation when the rate of processing transactions is not inferior to that of traditional payment systems like Visa and MasterCard;
  • tools and interfaces financial experts are used to; scalability, modularity, reliability.

Qurrex is the first-of-its-kind crypto-exchange that is already being developed, even before the initial token offering procedure. Its appearance marks a new milestone in the blockchain and crypto-currency development history providing these areas with a new stimulus to develop and start growing vigorously.

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