Qurrex Monthly: October Edition

October’s rolled in fast and there’s already so much going on at Qurrex.

Today, we would like to update the latest news on the development of Qurrex platform.

In September, the product team of Qurrex prepared a basic model for calculating risk parameters for transactions in DVP mode with the possibility of margin trading.

Also, the specification of the internal protocol, set of gateways and function description were completed.

The Development Team has developed the first version of the persistence service and successfully integrated matching engine prototype into the exchange infrastructure.

The functionality of atomic processing of a new type orders has been added to the new version of the matching engine. Such functionality is actively used in the stock markets by Market Makers and HFT- clients.

During next months the development team plans to release major versions of main online subsystems, such as transaction gateway, risk engine, matching engine, and to develop the first version of internal polygon.

The product team will continue the development of the object model within the system, the description of post-trade systems, and will focus on description of the services for market-data broadcast.

As always, we love to hear your feedback on any and all the things covered in these newsletters, so be sure to keep the dialogue going — we’re in this together!