Qurrex public token sale: reserve your tokens right now

At the end of last March we announced open sale postpone to the May of 2018. The main reason is investor’s great interest for the Qurrex project. So we need additional time for final token sale preparation.

This time will be used for negotiations with institutional investors which are ready to support the hybrid exchange with sufficient investments volume. Early investors will get Qurrex tokens. If the negotiations will be successful (probability is pretty high — more than 99%) there are will be less available tokens for token sale participants. This is because early investors get tokens for their funds and they will obtain QRX first.

Actually, this is fair, because those who invest at the very beginning of the project, should have the rights to purchase tokens in priority order.

Now it is known that available tokens volume is 11 million QRX. But the Qurrex team has an appropriate solution for token sale participants who need tokens most. This solution is deposit system. While negotiations with institutional partners are underway, token sale participants can reserve some Qurrex tokens.

There is certain volume of “deposit tokens” which will be available during tokensale. And this volume is not constant — the more investors will become Qurrex supporters, the less tokens will be available for purchase.

Deposit program is available from the 1st of May to the 10th of June 2018 when the public token sale will start.

QRX exchange rate is 500 QRX for 1 Ethereum token. Also it is possible to buy tokens for Bitcoins/altcoins. If Ethereum/USD exchange rate will increase on more then 5% Qurrex team will add appropriate number of additional tokens among participants. Total sum will be displayed in user’s account.

Please, mind that the price of QRX token during public sale stage will be as much as 400 QRX for 1 Ethereum + Airdrop.

QRX token has a wide spectrum of features which are pretty attractive for investors. And it will form strong demand for tokens from Qurrex clients.

The first hybrid crypto exchange integrating industrial infrastructure of traditional stock exchanges (NASDAQ, NYSE, LSE) with decentralized network features. It will allow to increase market liquidity and to set up the whole new standards for crypto exchanges. New platform will be reliable, fast and secure.

Exchange consist of three elements:

  • Professional centralized exchange;
  • First in the word decentralized exchange for liquidity providers, composed of thousands of mini-exchanges;
  • New generation trading terminal.

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