UPD: Qurrex’s referral program is renewed

Get even more out of your social connections to join one of the most anticipated ICOs of 2018!

We are glad to announce our renewed referral program
From now on, our referral program is available to every registered user, offering 7% extra tokens for you and 3% from all contributions of your referrals — for your friend.

How it works (as before):

  1. Upon registration at qurrex.com enter your ETH-wallet address to the account details.
  2. Find the unique referral link at the lower left corner of the page:

3. Share it to as many contacts as you want using social media, messengers, e-mail or any digital-channel.

What’s new:

4. Get 7% extra tokens of all the contributions made from your referrals.

5. Your invitee gets 3% tokens of all contributions from your referrals.

Extra QRX tokens will be issued right after the ICO is successfully finalized on April 16, 2018.

Get more details about QRX token and its potential:

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