Caution: Major Item Changes as NFT Crowdsale increments to Gen 2

Today we announce the next stage of the official Chainbreakers crowdsale. The event occurs on April 2nd at 12:00PM GMT and brings vast changes to epic and rare items as well as the honor rewards. In case you plan to purchase Chainbreakers items in the official crowdsale you shouldn’t wait to long.

Rare Item Appearance changes with Gen 2

All rare weapon NFTs that carry generation 2 will have different visual looks as previously minted weapons. The total supply of any item remains the same but Gen 2 rare items will be less colorful and less splendid than those that can be purchased right now.

Side-By-Side comparison of several rare gen 1 (left) and gen 2 (right) weapons

Epic armors become less powerful with Gen 2

When epic armors made it to the official crowdsale, we have decided to mint all armors in perfect condition which results in 10% attribute increase. Once the CBI (Chain Breakers Items) smart contract is updated to generation 2, all epic crowdsale armors will be minted less perfect: 9% instead of 10%.

Comparison of Gen 1 (left) and Gen 2 (right) epic armors

If you plan to purchase epic armors, we highly recommend to do so before the generation is incremented. This change affects actual gameplay performance.

Honor Rewards decrease with Gen 2 Purchases

The official honor system is affected by the generation update as well. Similar to the previous increment from Gen 0 to Gen 1, the honor rewards granted in the official crowdsale are further lowered to benefit early investors.

In case you plan to get your hands on some baby pets, you shouldn’t miss out on the extra honor. Check the article below for further information.