Chainbreakers Crowdsale Report
Jun 3 · 5 min read

The official crowdsale has ended. Chainbreakers raised around $130.000 since the sale started on November 1st. During the sale we strongly focused on community building. At the same time Chainbreakers was leaving its first immutable footprints within the growing blockchain gaming ecosystem.

Kicking-Off the official crowdsale

The Chainbreakers Twitter had 150 follower when then crowdsale started. Our team could grow the followers by 1000% before the sale ended. Despite the small community we saw an impressive number of sales right at the start: All epic weapons sold out within 2 days which resulted in high motivation.

Auctioning unique legendary items

During November, the first 8 legendary auctions successfully ended. A total amount of 130.000 MANA was raised from selling these unique items. Until the end of December another 300.000 MANA were raised from regular item sales before MANA tokens were withdrawn for the first time.

Nov-11–2018 06:02:09 AM — Helios (18,079 MANA) Nov-11–2018 06:06:31 AM — Jack’s Hammer (17,885 MANA) Nov-11–2018 07:27:56 AM — Blade Of Zeus (15,743 MANA) Nov-11–2018 07:30:01 AM — Vrykolakas (15,798 MANA) Nov-11–2018 07:34:34 AM — Sphinx (15,499 MANA) Nov-11–2018 07:35:47 AM — Midas’ Club (15,553 MANA) Nov-11–2018 07:37:50 AM — Polyphemus (15,457 MANA) Nov-11–2018 07:37:54 AM — Caduceus (15,315 MANA) Source: Chainbreakers Blog

Sustaining momentum during “Crypto Winter”

Epic armors were announced in December. These precious items were added to the crowdsale one-by-one and laid the foundation for constant revenue over the following months — The last armor was added on January 22nd.

Since then three additional NFTs were added to Chainbreakers. In contrast to Items (CBI), these three tokens — Units (CBU), Pets (CBP) and Rings (CBR) couldn’t be purchased in the Chainbreakers market but were given out to early supporters. This approach raised more attention within the ecosystem.

Pristine Units (limited unit NFTs)

The first large event lasted 42 days. Community members could spin a wheel every 24 hours to obtain a maximum number of 5 Pristine Units. The event was only available to members who’ve purchased items in the crowdsale.

Only 160 Pristine Units survived the event. Feel free to browse units using the OpenSea NFT marketplace:

Auctioning the lost legendary item

When the initial eight legendary items were created our artists finished the 3D model of another potential legendary. The Chain Breaker (about the item) had its first appearance in the temple teaser (timestamp) published back in November. The few rumors didn’t translate into common knowledge.

In April 2019 the lost Legendary was finally auctioned. It was purchased for 38.509 MANA which doubled the previous average legendary sales (16.166 MANA). At this point the Chainbreakers Twitter had grown to around 1000 follower and the Discord member count was even higher.

Baby Pets (limited companion NFTs)

Pets for Chainbreakers were initially announced in December. Any community member could obtain up to 9 different NFTs. One of these pets — the baby hydra — will remain unique forever. We’re looking forward to meet both, pet and owner, during the Chainbreakers beta tests.

Baby pets can be spawned within any Chainbreakers title starting with the game which will be released on Decentraland in September 2019. These pets follow the player around in the game but won’t be a help in battle.

Multiple baby pets have changed owner on Opensea already:

Celestial Rings (early access NFTs)

These rings can be considered the most interesting NFTs only granted to those who have purchased items. Celestial Rings inherit early access to the franchise and offer additional benefits that depend on the ring’s type.

A single ring per account was airdropped which makes these rings the most scarce Chainbreakers NFT. Rings are already tradable on Opensea:

Community Growth on Twitter and Discord

The Chainbreakers community has grown a lot over the past months. Thanks to constant giveaways, honest communications and lots of events that took place around the crowdsale, the official Twitter has grown to 1500 follower.

The Chainbreakers Discord now inhabits over 1800 members. Almost 20% of these members connected their Chainbreakers account/address to Discord which heavily improves community engagement and communication.

What’s next for Chainbreakers?

Our next major milestone is the release of the Decentraland title. Anyone who can obtain a Celestial Ring will be able to join us during the beta testing. An in-depth roadmap for the next 3 months will be published soon.

The Chainbreakers tech stack has matured since we’ve initially selected our partners. Learn more about our progress with Decentraland and Matic. We’ll dive deeper into our partnership with portis in the near future.

Behind close curtains, our team has started to raise a $2 million seed round to fund the development of a large Chainbreakers game that has been already announced. Feel free to contact us and request the pitch deck.

A part of our team is currently working on a first prototype to show potential investors that we’re serious about our vision. With our partners at Matic we’ll introduce real MMO elements to smart contracts.

Qwellcode VR

Qwellcode is a Germany-based virtual reality studio. Creators of the Chainbreakers Franchise. Building for Decentraland since early 2018.

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Qwellcode VR

Qwellcode is a Germany-based virtual reality studio. Creators of the Chainbreakers Franchise. Building for Decentraland since early 2018.