Chainbreakers Report 01/2019

When it comes down to the development of Chainbreakers, the first quarter of 2019 has been very satisfying so far. The team is working hard on internal milestones — Today we are going to share some updates and insights.

Creating Themed Environment & Prop Packs

Besides items and units, the Chainbreakers artists are constantly working on themed 3D models that will be used to compose different quest areas. Some of those packs were already created according to Decentralands poly limits.

Our artists are going to unveil more themes along the road and explain how they fit into the games’ story. The Chainbreakers lore is another important topic that will be covered in detail: We’ve already laid out plans for a series of blog posts that explain the Chainbreakers universe more detailed.

Slight Delays in Quest Area Composition

An important Decentraland poll was closed last month. The proposal has suggested to increase the size of LAND parcels from 10x10 meters to 16x16 meters. The Decentraland community has voted for an increase which forces the Chainbreakers team to re-compose existing scenes.

Due to the modular approach our artists have chosen regarding game asset creation, this won’t result in fatal workload. However, it is out of question that there are additional efforts that need to be taken care of.

Re-Thinking Chainbreakers PVE Mode

During and after internal testing, the Chainbreakers development team has decided to integrate the pve mode in a more sophisticated way!

A lot has happened in the dapp gaming ecosystem since Chainbreakers has been announced and we’ve been conservative on side-chain solutions during the past year. This view has changed and to ensure that the Chainbreakers’ pve experience is fun, the development team has proposed some changes:

Initially we planned an Ethereum mainnet compatible pve mode but after our first tests, we decided to deploy all game design related smart contracts to Matic plasma evm which is going to enable more complex game mechanics.

Instead of doing a single calculation for each quest, calculations and chances will be applied to multiple quest-phases. This way, it’s possible to take events into account that happen during the quest (e.g. healer or tank dies) and adjust the probabilities for the upcoming phases within the quest accordingly.

We are going to explain this in detail as soon as our artists found a suitable way to visualize this extended approach.

Building an Engaging Community

Despite the bear market, the Chainbreakers community has been constantly growing. Our team is looking forward to the multipliers that will come along with more healthy market conditions and expects further growth.

Twitter Statistics on Followers and Tweets over the course of the last 6 months

If this is the first time you get in contact with Chainbreakers, we suggest to join our Discord server and meet our amazing community.

On Stage with Neon District at NFT.NYC

Chainbreakers’ project manager Rene Schmidt shared the stage with Marguerite DeCourcelle in New York City. Their fireside chat was about the past, present and future of NFT interoperability. Chainbreakers and Neon District plan to cross-over a cyberpunk world with an ancient Greek one.

During the conference they explained that some NFTs might be utilized in both worlds and that there will be a plausible story-line around this effort.