Claim Your Chainbreakers Christmas Presents

To celebrate Chainbreakers progress, our team has decided to kick-off a limited Christmas give-away for our community. Until December 24th, at 12:00PM GMT community members can claim their presents.

Rewards can ONLY be claimed via Discord and involve community members to acquire at least rank 1 in our honor system. We will send out the claimed non-fungible tokens between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

What exactly has to be done?

  • Connect your account to Discord (settings)
  • 5 honor (rank 1) gives you the ability to claim an uncommon item
  • 50 honor (rank 3) gives you the ability to claim an additional rare item
  • Claim Your Christmas Present(s) in Discord

If you have already connected your wallet to Discord and acquired the ranks mentioned above, you can directly claim item(s). Use the following two commands to claim the christmas presents according to your rank:

!claimUncommon Hunting Sword Of Accuracy
!claimRare Great Sword Of Perfection

The claims above are examples. Find the items of yours choice in the official market

You can just copy and paste the name of the items you wish to claim from the official Chainbreakers marketplace. To check which presents have been claimed by your account simply type:


How to connect with Discord?

Open your account settings to connect your Chainbreakers account with your Discord handle. The process pretty intuitive and a successful handshake already grants a Discord role reflecting your honor. Learn more about your progress by sending “!rank”.

Learn more about your progress by sending “!rank”. You can find other useful comments by typing “!help”. Please use the channel #bot-spam to execute all these commands instead of spamming the #general chat.