Community Voting powered by Agora

Decentraland has recently announced Agora v2 which allows MANA holders to vote on different topics. First polls are already live on mainnet. Following their teams philosophy on decentralization, transparency and trust we are glad to announce that Chainbreakers will integrate Agora in an adapted way.

Additional Utility for Chainbreakers Items

We are very confident that Agora will serve as an amazing tool to transport the important voices from inside our community. We plan to utilize CBI items (ERC-721 tokens) as the foundation for votes. The algorithm will take generation and quality of the items into consideration.

Gen0 items will inherit more voting power than items of higher generations. This should serve the early core of our community and those who supported the Chainbreakers crowdsale.

Only around 16.000 gen0 items have been created while hundreds of thousands items of higher generations will be found during gameplay.

Where to buy Chainbreakers items (CBI)?

Despite the fact that all epics have been sold, our team still offers gen0 in the official Chainbreakers marketplace. We are constantly improving the markets usability and functionality. The platform currently supports:

  • Legendary auctions
  • Single item purchases
  • Item Bundle purchases
  • Inventory inspector

In case you seek items that are sold out, OpenSea is the platform you are looking for. Our partnership has been announced yesterday.