DCLBuilder.com — Real estate modelling pipeline for Decentraland

While Qwellcodes’ game division is working on Chainbreakers, the studios’ real estate department has released a brand new service.

What exactly is DCL-Builder?

This new piece of cutting-edge software provides quick and easy processing of 2D floorplans into low poly 3D models. The platform outputs *.obj files that can be imported to the Decentraland SDK, Blender and other environments.

DCLBuilder accepts MANA payments and can be used from any modern browser — No need to download additional software or plugins.

Qwellcode is actively engaging within the Decentraland environment for about a year. While creating content with the metaverses’ SDK, our studio has gained many insights. These experiences led to DCLBuilder.

From constant discussions with disctrict owners, we are aware of their team’s challenges. The creation of large scale virtual worlds can be considered one of the most important tasks. We launched DCLBuilder to accelerate content creation in a scalable way.

For comparably cheap prices, LAND investors can now bring a copy of their own home or business into the virtual world by simply providing floorplans. Image files (*.jpg, *.png) usually get translated to 3D models within 24 hours and can be downloaded from the web interface for additional refinement.

Anyone who is building for Decentraland should at least take a quick look at the platform. We provide a simple MetaMask handshake that allows low-cost testing without greater obligation.

Our team is eager to have a chat with you. Feel free to join our telegram and visit the official website.