NFT Details: Chainbreakers Pets

The limited baby pet event ends in less than 4 days. Our team has composed a detailed overview about the baby pets. All NFT information including supply, their story and of course recordings of each animated 3D NFT are covered.

Keep in mind that baby pets are not utilized in actual gameplay. They are like “companions”. Learn more

We keep the Supplies updated as additional players earn their early supporter rewards before April 30th but some are coming close to the hard cap. Anyone who receives at least a baby worm also receives 1 of the 500 early access rings.

Baby Hydra

Airdropped to Rank 9

Quality: Legendary

Hydra is a ruthless and terrifying monster! Not this lil guy, though. He just wants to help you on your quest.

Supply: 1

Baby Pegasus

Airdropped to Rank 8

Quality: Legendary

He isn’t able to fly yet, because his wings are too small, but he is still a very special horse!

Supply: 4

Baby Cerberus

Airdropped to Rank 7

Quality: Epic

Three very good boys guarding the entrance to the underworld. Each has his own name, but nobody knows them and they won’t tell.

Supply: 9

Baby Manticore

Airdropped to Rank 6

Quality: Epic

Fierce like a lion, sneaky like a scorpion, and probably able to fly someday. The perfect pet!

Supply: 18

Baby Cyclops

Airdropped to Rank 5

Quality: Rare

He has only one eye, but he makes up for it with his immense strength! A true fighter deserving of love, so please don’t pick on him.

Supply: 34

Baby Cheetah

Airdropped to Rank 4

Quality: Rare

Probably the fastest pet there is. So fast you won’t be able to catch it when it destroys everything in your house.

Supply: 52

Baby Wolf

Airdropped to Rank 3

Quality: Uncommon

A good dog and best friend. But be aware! This one was raised in the wild and probably gives you dead birds as present.

Supply: 80

Baby Kitten

Airdropped to Rank 2

Quality: Uncommon

Small cat. Likes to play pranks on its owner, but is a powerful fighter if it’s in the right mood.

Supply: 93

Baby Worm

Airdropped to Rank 1

Quality: Common

Some say he is the true ruler of the underworld, but probably just the world under the earth. Either way, he is a true champ.

Supply: 113