Introducing Armor! Last Chance for Gen 0

The Chainbreakers team is very excited about the introduction of armor sets. Every two days from December 15st, at 12:00PM GMT another epic armor set with a limited supply of 30 pieces will be added to the marketplace.

How armor embeds into game design

Chainbreakers has a dynamic class system. Units can be trained in one to three roles while each role contains two attributes. This system already enables multi-role quest requirements and several other cool things but we want to take this approach one step further.

Armor is going to add an additional dimension to game design. Especially in PVP mode where unit movement speed and protection adds strategic depth. The Armor sets have no level requirement. The units attributes are affected proportionally (e.g. increases intellect by x %).

How is the epic crowdsale supply structured?

36 epic armor sets will be added to the market. We see the most important differences in movement and protection. Those attributes behave subtended on every light, medium and heavy armor set.

18 armors (3 roles * 3 armor types * 2 attributes per role) will increase one single attribute by 10%. Another 18 items come with a more balanced role-based attribute distribution.

A matrix of 3 roles and 3 armor types. Each role can be split down into two attributes.

Bare in mind that these are the only armor items available before launch. The crowdsale won’t feature additional items or supply after this update. Feel free to join and ask questions on our official Discord server.

Incrementing all NFTs from Gen 0 to Gen 1

Congrats to anyone who has already bought gen 0 weapons during the official crowdsale. The global generation counter will be incremented very soon.

From December 15st, at 12:00PM GMT every item created by the smart-contract will carry gen 1. This implies that the whole unminted supply of common, uncommon and rare item tokens will be moved to gen 1.

Don’t miss out on this. The last chance to purchase gen 0 items in the official Chainbreakers marketplace will close in less than 42 hours!

Update: 2019–01–11

Our team has decided to release 18 instead of 36 epic armors which leads to a lowered total supply of 540 instead of 1080. The “more balanced” armors mentioned above will not make it into the game.