Introducing Chainbreakers PVP Mode

During the last weeks our team has explained questing in Chainbreakers and talked about the MANA dividends that players can acquire while playing the PVE (player versus environment) mode. Today we are eager unveil more details about another key game mode that our team plans to implement.

Credible PVP in a scarced LAND scenario

Despite the fact that Chainbreakers is still running its crowdsale, our team is constantly working on the game. We have been searching for ways to create an amazing PVP experience that works on small LAND parcels and focuses on the social aspects of Decentraland.

Our team came up with the idea of a PVP (player versus player) mode that works on a small footprint: Two players meet at stylized tables that feature hexagonal battlefields. Each player can select units and equip them with items from the players inventory. Those items can be purchased in the crowdsale or acquired during pve gameplay.

In a turn-based strategy game the players move their units across the battlefield. The goal of the game is to defeat the other players units. Some roles are more effective against others— we are going to unveil more details on the mechanics along the road.

The complete gameplay will be written in smart contracts that are deployed to the Matic plasma evm side-chain. We collaborate with Jaynti Kanani and his team at Matic to make this a reality. Both parties are confident and well aware that this game mode requires transaction speeds below one tx per second.

How does this embeds into Chainbreakers?

From storytelling perspective the PVP battles take place “somewhere outside the quest area” and the players command their units from the strategy tables described above. Taking this approach we can stay in first person VR while a large battlefield gets abstracted onto a small table in the quest area.

We plan to inherit the level restrictions of the quest areas to the different tables to ensure fair matchmaking for players of different level ranges. We definitely plan to set fees for PVP battles that are channeled into the dividend pool of the quest area and even think about allowing players to stake MANA.