Kicking Off the First Chainbreakers Discord Community Event

We are going to kick-off the first community event on our Discord Server today. A 10.000 MANA bounty will be split between 10 Discord members who invite the most new users to the Chainbreakers Discord.

How to participate in this community driven event

Everybody who has a Discord account and joined the official Chainbreakers server can participate in this event. Every user is allowed to create invite links. These links can be send to friends and colleagues to get them onboard.

Creating an invitation link that does not expire. Make sure to check this before copying the link

The Chainbreakers admins are able to see who has created an invite link and how many people were invited via this link. Those numbers will be posted periodically in the Chainbreakers #events channel on Discord.

When does this event end?

The event ends on Sunday, the 11th November, at 10pm GMT. We will save a screenshot of the invites overview in the server settings and post the results in the #events channel. Rewards will be send out shorty after the winners have been announced.

Fake and bot invites are not allowed. Promising rewards for joining is forbidden, too. Chainbreakers team members will not participate but will monitor the contest and can disqualify users acting in bad faith.