Now Live: Level-Breaker Bundles

Front-End visualization of the bundles fetched from OpenSea in the official Chainbreakers marketplace

The Chainbreakers marketplace has been updated. The first version of our bundle integration is now online. Players and investors are able to purchase plausible item combinations that will vastly improve leveling and grinding.

Improving the bundle integration this week

Our team is going to implement additional information like level ranges to the bundle overview and details page. The next incremental improvement also includes ways to filter the bundles by role. Another big topic is the checkout process which soon will be integrated without user redirection to OpenSea.

The whole bundle creation and auctioning process is going to be fully automatized in parallel. Both teams at Chainbreakers and OpenSea are working hard to make these additional changes happen.

Compensating early uncommon and rare orders

We had an internal discussion about the fairness of implementing bundle discounts during the crowdsale. While common and epic orders are not affected, we will retroactively refund 10% of any rare (120 MANA) and uncommon (60 MANA) order that was executed before 10pm GMT today.

Our team is going to write a script during this week which will execute those refunds asap. We are convinced that it’s very important to serve early members of our community. People that joined in later should not have an advantage above those who joined in very early.

Note: Future single item orders are not affected by this retroactive discount.

Legendary auctions move closer to plausible prices

Half of the auction time has passed and prices have dropped a lot since the auctions were initially created. The team at Chainbreakers is still very curious at which point the Legendary items will find their new owners.