Chainbreakers Teaser and Auction Report

During the weekend our team has released the first official Chainbreakers teaser. The video shows a 3x3 land temple scene that was prepared for the Decentraland SDK. The temple will serve as a place to onboard new players.

The video shows some items that are already featured in the Chainbreakers crowdsale. We also included a secret that has not been commented yet.

All Legendary Items are Sold Out

Yesterday morning the Legendary auctions have ended fairly quickly. Within ~90 minutes all unique items were purchased and found their new owners. A total amount of 130.000 MANA was spent during this auction.

The following list shows the purchase time (GMT) and the MANA amount that was spent on the particular item. Click the item name to open the Legendary item in the official Chainbreakers marketplace.

  • Nov-11–2018 06:02:09 AM — Helios (18,079 MANA)
  • Nov-11–2018 06:06:31 AM — Jack’s Hammer (17,885 MANA)
  • Nov-11–2018 07:27:56 AM — Blade Of Zeus (15,743 MANA)
  • Nov-11–2018 07:30:01 AM — Vrykolakas (15,798 MANA)
  • Nov-11–2018 07:34:34 AM — Sphinx (15,499 MANA)
  • Nov-11–2018 07:35:47 AM — Midas’ Club (15,553 MANA)
  • Nov-11–2018 07:37:50 AM — Polyphemus (15,457 MANA)
  • Nov-11–2018 07:37:54 AM — Caduceus (15,315 MANA)

Educating about Uncommon and Rare Items

Our team is continuously improving the marketplace. Another UI update is going live within the next couple of hours. The improved user interface will feature performance diagrams for every item.

Those diagrams will display the additional leveling speed (potential MANA dividend increase) of each item. An accumulated diagram for each role will be embedded in the inventory section.