Official Crowdsale Ends this May

The crowdsale closes soon. Purchases will be deactivated on May 31st at 12 PM GMT by capping the total crowdsale item supply. It’s your last chance to get your hands on precious weapons and armors paying first market prices.

One crowdsale covering two Chainbreakers titles

The blockchain gaming franchise Chainbreakers has already announced two different 3D browser games. All items that are sold in this crowdsale can be used in both titles which is a pioneering approach for token interoperability.

The first game is a strategy-rpg and launch title for Decentraland. It involves LAND investors and comes with an interesting reward mechanic that enables players to monetize playtime and progress. Our team is already working on this title (funded by the crowdsale) and aims to release in September 2019.

The second title will be a massive 3D browser game that borrows elements from MMORPGs and aims to push “play-to-earn” to the next level. To fund this larger title we are raising venture capital. Our team aims to release the game in 2021 but involves anyone with early access NFTs right from the start.

Obtain early access tokens before May 15th

A honor system has been established during the crowdsale. Early community members are able to acquire honor by either purchasing items themselves or having friends referred who purchase items (50% provision). The honor resolves into 10 different ranks which are granted at certain thresholds.

We are going to move these ranks to the blockchain on May 15th by issuing a limited number of transferable NFTs. If you plan to become a part of our early player base or just want to secure one of these limited tokens to sell it off, you should consider to purchase Chainbreakers items before May 15th.

Not more than 500 players are privileged to receive a Celestial Ring. These limited NFTs grant early access and additional benefits depending on their quality. Each address can obtain a single Celestial Ring. We summed up any information about those early access tokens in our recent article.

Channeling OpenSea fees to the reward pools

As the crowdsale ends, we’ll setup a 2.5% fee for 2nd market transactions on OpenSea. An empty Ethereum address will be linked to item, unit, pet and ring sales. Any fees are channeled to that address and forwarded to the reward pool smart contract once it has been deployed to main net.

We’ve decided against keeping the fee and instead making this the first of multiple sources that will fill up the Chainbreakers reward pools. All rewards are distributed back to our players according to their gaming performance.

Purchase and amortize perfect crowdsale items

Players can purchase weapons and armors in the official crowdsale. These items vastly increase the performance and potential returns within the game. Chainbreakers enables players to use their items while playing and to earn money while being busy with other things in life.

Lend your powerful items and trained units to other players for a certain period of time. This way you can monetize your investment by selling shortcuts to others. Learn all the details in our recent summary.