Upcoming: Trial of Artemis Pet Sale

Oct 25 · 5 min read

Today we’re going to unveil additional insights about the upcoming NFT sale that will be kicked-off to celebrate the launch of Trial of Artemis. This being the first crowdsale on Matic Network makes it even more exciting.

Explaining Chainbreakers Pets

One utility of our pets is the companion feature in the Decentraland title. This allows players to spawn pets on Chainbreakers parcels in the metaverse. Pets will also be interoperable with upcoming games of our franchise which allows owners to carry their “OG status” into the future.

In Trial of Artemis, players select one of their pets and join an arena game. Similar to many other competitive games, the skin selection in ToA is purely cosmetic and doesn’t affect the gameplay. However, we’d like to allow players to choose a more or less prestigious in-game representation.

The Structure of the Crowdsale

It’s the first time that players can actually purchase pets in our official store. While 427 pets were given away to early supporters of the franchise, pets have never been for sale before. As this is also the first crowdsale on Matic Network, we want to make this a very special event.

While there are over 1 million CryptoKitties in existence, Chainbreakers Pets are over 1000 times more scarce. Our animated pets will remain extremely exclusive which is why only 630 NFTs will be offered in this sale.

The crowdsale will be divided into 3 phases. During each phase, players can purchase three pets of different qualities: Epic (1.99 eth), rare (0.99 eth) and uncommon (0.49 eth).

  • Epic: 30 max supply per pet (90 in total)
  • Rare: 60 max supply per pet (180 in total)
  • Uncommon: 120 max supply per pet (360 in total)

At the end of each phase the unsold supply is discarded and the pets will never be for sale again. Example: 25 out of 30 epic NFTs are sold at the end of phase one. The final total supply of that particular pet will be 25.

We won’t unveil the phases in which a particular pet is sold. We encourage those who care about these cute fellows to update themselves by checking the sale page and our Twitter at least once per phase.

Timeline of the Crowdsale

The crowdsale starts on October 31st at 12 PM GMT. Each phase lasts two days and after these 48 hours the pets become unavailable.

  • Phase 1 starts on Oct 31st at 12 PM GMT
  • Phase 2 starts on Nov 2nd at 12 PM GMT
  • Phase 3 starts on Nov 4th at 12 PM GMT

1200 Dollar Steam Gift Card Give-Away

In addition we’ll be giving away steam gift cards worth 1200 USD which are going to be raffled between the participants of each phase.

  • 3 Steam Gift Cards 100 USD value (1 card per phase)
  • 6 Steam Gift Cards 50 USD value (2 cards per phase)
  • 30 Steam Gift Cards 20 USD value (10 cards per phase)

13 winners per phase (39 in total) are drawn from the pool of addresses that purchased at least one pet in that phase. A single address is eligible to win 1 price per phase and a maximum of 3 prices in total.

All winners will be announced on Twitter and can contact our team via Discord to claim their price. Please connect your Chainbreakers account to verify that your Discord handle matches the winning address.

How to Participate in the Sale

To make the sale as convenient as possible, we decided to distribute the NFTs directly to the players’ inventory on the Matic sidechain while the payment is executed from Ethereum Mainnet.

Step 1: Log into the store

Login to the official store with your preferred wallet. The shop will support the non-custodial wallet Portis alongside the regular web3 login represented by the Metamask login button.

After you’ve logged into your account, the store redirects you to the overview that displays the three pets which are currently for sale.

Step 2: Add pets to your cart

The pet detail page contains information about rarity, circulating supply and maximum supply. You can inspect the actual 3D model and switch between animations representing idle and walk without leaving your browser.

You can add as many pets to your cart as you wish. A click on the cart button in the upper right corner brings you to the overview where the checkout process can be started.

Step 3: Complete the checkout

The checkout process is pretty simple. You need to sign a transaction for each pet that you’d like to purchase after the “place order” button is clicked. The progress of each Ethereum transaction will be reflected in the UI.

Done: Inspect your Chainbreakers Pets

After the transactions have been validated you can open your inventory at https://account.chainbreakers.io to see your pets on both Blockchains. The pets sold in the crowdsale will be reflected on Matic Network.

We’ll explain how to move your pets in between the networks next week. Feel free to ask your questions on our Discord.

Filling the Reward Pools from Sale Revenue

After each phase, 20% of the phases’ revenue will be channeled into the Chainbreakers reward pool. The “play-to-earn” business model that we aim to establish with our Decentraland game will vastly benefit from this initial funds. We can’t wait to see the reward dynamics in action!

Qwellcode VR

Qwellcode is a Germany-based virtual reality studio. Creators of the Chainbreakers Franchise. Building for Decentraland since early 2018.


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The Blockchain Strategy-RPG

Qwellcode VR

Qwellcode is a Germany-based virtual reality studio. Creators of the Chainbreakers Franchise. Building for Decentraland since early 2018.

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