10 Awesome Examples of Minimalism in Interior Design

Article by David Lowe

Photo: Midlife Tribe

Following on from my last post on minimalism, I thought it would be an easy segue into interior design. Myself and the Qwerky team are mildly obsessed with how we can create a coliving community that embraces all that is minimalist. The result: a happier, stress free YOU! Having scoured the web for images for the last article, I thought it might be useful for you guys to see what I found. So here are some of the most awesome examples of minimalism in interior design:

1). Minimalist Closet

What I love about this (apart from the steampunk feel of it) is the multi-purpose nature of it. Can you climb up the ladder to a secret siesta zone? Does the doorway lead to a hidden office or music room? This alone should make you want to become a minimalist!

2). Minimalist Coat Hanger

I really like the idea here: qwerky design which can easily be swung back and flattened if the coat hooks are not being used. The two tone wood has a simple but effective look.

3). Minimalist Kitchens

The varnished tree trunk bar surface is really eye catching and the wine rack embedded in the side of kitchen unit is sleek. The indirect backlit LED lighting gives a sense of calm and is less intense on the eyes.

This room has subtle lines on the floor and side units that guide you into the kitchen. The bar stools can slide underneath the bar to keep them out of the way in the day. The white gives the room a sense of calm.

4). Minimalist Bedrooms

Multi-purpose or convertible furniture is a hot trend. In this example a sofa can also be used as a bed. Underneath, are drawers and storage compartments which saves you having to get separate units which take up floor space.

Qwerky plants are good for the air quality in a room and your feeling of being grounded and calm. It is crucial to have a bedroom free of clutter. You want a clear mind just before you go to sleep and when you first wake up.

5). Minimalist Bathroom

No glass wall or door for the shower keeps the entire room open and welcoming. Elegant sink/bowl and simplistic table give this a beautiful minimalistic look.

6). Minimalist Laundry

The top photo has a clothes bar set into the wall saves space and washer and dryer are both set into the units. Combining this with a washroom saves space. The bottom photo saves even more space with a stackable washer/dryer combination.

7). Minimalist Yard

This Japanese inspired garden has the green set against the gray of the walls. A very effective contrast. Two tones work and don’t overload our senses as human beings. The zero scaping by using stones saves you having to constantly mow the lawn or get allergies from plants. The meditating ledge means you don’t need to buy chairs.

The entire wall to this yard is two large glass doors which can easily be left open in warmer climates. It makes it super inviting to use this space. The transparent chairs show their presence in a more subtle form.

8). Modular Minimalism

This concept from Multiplo is a modular object that can be transformed into whatever suits your mood. Got kids? Turn it into a play area. Want to exercise? Do yoga on it. You can also turn it into a sofa and a chillout zone.

9). Minimalist Home Office

We love love the color scheme, quality of furniture and plants. Oh, and check out those antlers! Pin board for visuals, goals or key things to do mean that your mind is less cluttered. Mind minimalism?

10). Minimalist Everything

The team at Boxetti have taken minimalism to the extreme. In fact, they have designed entire areas of your house that can be easily hidden in what appears to be a box. If you are a Transformers fan, this will be for you!

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