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Devops at Google

Today, DevOps is an understood set of practices and cultural values that has been proven to help organizations of all sizes improve their software release cycles, software quality, security, and ability to get rapid feedback on product development. Over the past six years and more than 27,000 DevOps survey responses have provided strong evidence that DevOps practices lead to higher IT performance. This higher performance delivers improved business outcomes, as measured by productivity, profitability, and market share. All organizations, both for-profit and not-for-profit, are better able to achieve their goals, no matter what their mission is.

As DevOps evolves and spreads, the percentage of people working on DevOps teams increases each year.

In 2017, 16 percent of the survey’s respondents worked on DevOps teams. Three years later, 27 percent of respondents worked on such a team. This increase represents both an acknowledgement that DevOps works, and the fact that DevOps teams represent a strategy for modernizing entire organizations.

Today, every organization relies on software and IT to advance its purpose, whether that’s growing a profitable business or creating a social benefit.

Organizations look to DevOps because of the growing evidence that DevOps practices help you deliver software faster, more reliably, and with fewer errors.

A Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer is responsible for efficient development operations that can balance service reliability and delivery speed. They are skilled at using Google Cloud Platform to build software delivery pipelines, deploy and monitor services, and manage and learn from incidents. Looking for a hands-on challenge lab to demonstrate your skills and validate your knowledge? On completing this quest, enroll in and finish the additional challenge lab at the end of this quest to receive an exclusive Google Cloud Skill Badge. Use Code 1q-devops-21 to get free credits!



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